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    Ill call u an idiot once again..therez a diffenece between training with a club and joining the clubs youth team. Ryan giggs was in machester city unitil the age of 14..david beckham trained with spurs but they are manu players because they signed schoolboy forms for manu. U get your facts right.

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    • Right, let's get the story straight for the benefit of the Chelsea bandwagon fans with short memories. Wind the clock back to about 1990. SAF bought players on the cheap around that time. Players like:
      Sharpe 185K
      Kanchelskis 500K
      Ince 2M
      Schmeichel 500K
      Irwin 250K
      Giggs 0K
      Cantona 1.2M

      Notice there were no international superstars in that list when they were bought. We went on to win silverware every year raking in money in the process. Then in '95 Beckham et al came through and SAF made money on selling:
      Ince 7M to Inter
      Sharpe 4.5M to Leeds
      Kanchelskis 5.8M to Everton
      Hughes 1.5M to Chelsea

      In 1996 after 10 years at the club including 2 doubles SAF had virtually broken even on player transfers. That's including the expensive buys of Pallister, Keane and Cole (yes, 3 big buys in 10 years!!). How anyone can say we bought the silverware is beyond me.

      When you can get success on the cheap you can afford to buy a few gems. You talk about Stam for 11M (not 15M) but don't forget we sold him for 16.5M. You talk about Rooney being expensive but when you get 25M for Beckham you can afford it.

      You don't mention players like Solskjaer and bargain basement squad players like Quinton Fortune and Jordi Cruyff or free youth players like Luke Chadwick all of whom have helped amass the silverware for 15 years. Only Chelsea can spend millions on 20 or more top internationals who can be paid rediculous wages to warm the bench before you release them on the cheap. The rest of the league has to make do with buying players on a budget with only a few big buys. Chelsea buy players like a kid in a toy shop with daddy's credit card.

      Much as I hate him, I have to give credit to Wenger for being successful on a limited budget. I'll tell you this; in 20 years' time people will look back and say Chelsea were successful but who couldn't have been with all that money.

    • yes u got the spellings right. and just for ur info, if i'm not wrong, (Utd fans correct me if i'm wrong) Gary, Phil and Butt have a CL winner's medal to their name. Does Brown have one? Yes, sheva did win the CL with MILAN, but he wasn't bred in Chelsea was he.
      So, my point is, ur Chelsea players who are,English or bred in Chelsea are yet to play in a CL final, let alone win it.
      Who's having Sh**y players now, tough guy!?

    • Here's a word to you. GO HANG YOURSELF YOU SAD, STUPID, IGNRORANT FUCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Here's a word to you. GO HANG YOURSELF YOU SAD, STUPID, IGNRORANT FUCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Here's a word to you. GO HANG YOURSELF YOU SAD, STUPID, IGNRORANT FUCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • right rooney is better than van persie because i miss spelled his name..i always knew that manure fans had manure inside their skull but u just too it to another level....y would i know coz i misspelled him name...ur as smart as rooney.keep it up guess i am now convinced that rooney rooney is world class...........in a world were ur the smartest person alive

    • Hang on..... Is this from an Arsenal fan criticising our youth system. Even though our reserves and youth teams were all but unstoppable last season?

      Is this the same arsenal team that were slated for not playing a single englishman in a load of their games last year? You wanna hang your head in shame for even trying to suggest the Arse are better at developing youth than united.

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