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  • am i right in thinking chelsea would have to beat us something like 7 or 8 nil for the special one's team to leave OT top of the leauge?!!!!!

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    • You are 100% right, I really hope we go with 4-5-1, my worry is Jose will persist with this lack of width we are becoming - slowly but surely - accustomed to and if that is the case I can see you lot running all over us.

      True Drogba has been on form but that is only because we have been playing 4-4-2 since the begining of the season with him partnering Sheva up front, I do feel though if we both go 4-4-2 you lot will win but we have a chance if we try to muscle you lot out from the middle. We need to control Ronaldo and a resurgent Giggsy and the only way we can do that - in my opinion - is to revert to type and play 2 wingers, resting either Lampard or Ballack and definitely resting Schev.

      Although I have this worrying feeling that he will persist with 2 up front and that will really be our undoing, 2 upfront will work against Liverpool because for some reason they cannot be asked to score at the moment, it will not work against you lot.

      I am not really worried about Bremen, not because I feel confident about a win - because I don't - but even if we loose to them, all we therefore need is a point from Sofia to qualify, and not to mention if we loose to them, Barcelona qualifying becomes very difficult and that is good enough for me.

      Sunday is definitely more important to me, a much, much bigger game. Good luck.

    • I think a stiff drink will be more appropriate than the treadmill, LOL....

      I don't think we will be overconfident, maybe too excited which can be just as damaging. We will need to at least match Chelsea's mental toughness which they showed so spectacularly against Barca in the CL. That means keeping our heads (and the ball)...

    • I know both games means alot to the club right now and I'm sure Fergie and the team knows the importance of the club and will not go in there overcocky and overconfident and yeah, we will be all excited and nervous on Sunday, I got my exercise ball blown up and to kill the nervous energy, I will bounce on the exericse ball! LOL!! (I know I'll get crap for saying that but don't care [(-:] Pity, I can't fit in a treadmill in my living room otherwise I would be on that too! LOL!!

      It will be a fabulous game and I can watch both of them here. Well tape one anyway so that I can watch the ManUtd Celtic match tomorrow.

    • I'll be on cloud 9 if we win both games Mel..Right now I'm too nervous to even think about that scenario and what it would mean to our season...

    • I agree Win! Drogba is on fire at the moment but it will be interesting to see who Jose pairs with Ronaldo and Giggs. I do hope as well that we come out of the game with Celtic without any injuries. I know both team will be plotting both on the sheets, on the field and off the field so it will be a wonderful week!

    • Despite Drogba's current form, our attack is stronger - we will go with 4-4-2, they will go with 4-5-1 and therefore will have the superior mid-field. Chelsea will keep it tight in the hope of catching us with an early goal (much like Wigan and Sheffield Utd) and have us chase the game but if we manage the early goal, they will eventually have to open up and come at us.

      It will be interesting to see who they play at right full-back (their biggest weakness in my view). My guess is that Jose will be very worried about Ronaldo and Giggs and will set his tactics to force us to play through the middle.

      I just hope we don't pick up injuries against Celtic. It's just as important we win that game and I think the game will be physical and hard fought. Mind you, their CL game isn't going to be a walk in the park either.

      Can't wait, what a week we have ahead of us..

    • If we can beat Celtic without any injures then I think we can go and get the win.Yes Chelsea are getting better but they still seem to be like a group of strangers at the moment and we need just make it count.If we are serious about winning league then a win is a must to give us a bit of a cushion as 3 points can be gone in 1 weekend.The spirit is back in the team and they are fighting for each other can only be a good thing.
      COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!

    • oh i'm a foreigner too ,dont worry.Lets just beat chelsea thats all

    • step, arnt you a foreigner too?not exactly born in chicago are you?

    • Unless Mourhino's plotting to kidnap the whole team, I don't think so.

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