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  • Paul Paul Nov 21, 2006 01:00 Flag

    Evra or Heinze for the Chelski game?

    Okay am not asking who is best, just who would be best player to start against Chelski?

    Evra is in fine form but is prone to defensive mistakes, wasn't it Evra who didn't get back when gilespie scored on Saturday?

    Heinze is an out and out defender but is slowly coming back into the 1st team.

    So who does Fergie pick? Especially considering the attacking quality of Chelski?

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    • I think Heinze has "hit the wall", which is hardly surprising considering the injury he had. He's not been over 70% in the games he's played. I would play Evra, as his current form & fitness is much better than Gaby and he deserves his chance.

      Gaby will be back to his best in time but the team should be picked on merit.

    • Considering Heinze was a sub against Sheff Utd I guess he isnt up to full fitness yet. Looking back to his bad injury, he hardly played end of last season, straight into the WC for Argentina. A few games at the WC and plagued by niggles since. He hasnt had a decent run of games as yet. I would play Evra until Heinze is fully ready to play a whole game. i.e Keep him as sub until fit.
      This season is a marathon and having a fully fit Heinze, even if its January onwards will be a squad boost.

    • It's a tough one but I would start Evra, evaluate him at halftime and if Fergie feels that he's good enough then let him continue to play, if not then replace him with Heinze at halftime. However, with Neville injured and facing possible surgery I think Fergie could play both of them.

    • Evra is the better footballer, gives us more options going forward. Very obvious to say Heinze is better in the air so should go with him as Chelsea will put diagonal balls to Ballack etc , however I think Evra will deal with it. Go with the better man!

    • maybe evra bears some responsibility for the goal against us on saturday but so must the defenders on our right side that allowed the cross to come in in the first place.Any coach or manager will say that the way to defend crosses is to prevent them coming into the penalty area.Having said that Evra is the man in posession and is playing well so i think he should start as generally chelsea dont play a lot with wide players.

    • On current form Evra starts. As mentioned above, we'll see what SAF does during the Celtic game. Heinze is still a few games away from his best. If he was playing well he'd start regardless of Evra's form.

      I know we're worrying about defending against Chelski. But we've been defending fairly well so far without Gabby. Chelski's wide threats aren't tall (Robben, Cole, Phillips) and Shevchenko isn't tall either. Drogba will have Rio and Vidic to cover him.

      I think Evra's pace will be an asset against those wide players anyway. Moreover, Evra has been very instrumental in our attacks and I assume playing at home against Chelski, we intend to go for a win. If things get rough for Evra during the game then I'm sure SAF knows that FIFA rules allow for 3 substitutions during the game.