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    George Best

    I’m afraid I cannot help but find these recent platitudes to George Best somewhat sickenly patronising and something like an attempt to make him into something like football’s Princess Diana.

    George Best had the good fortune to be gifted with many things as well as footballing skills. He played and was well looked after by Manchester United before quitting at the age of 26 to feed his own conceit and pursue his addiction to the high life.

    No question about his talents but I’ll wager the other players often got tiresome of his no shows, hungover training sessions and preferential treatment.

    Take away the drinks and the laughs and alcoholics are not nice to other humans. People don’t seem to understand the selfish and destructive traits of alcoholic people – and what nightmares he must of caused people (not least his wives). Best had one interest and that was George Best.

    Best was protected in the game and even when he left there was still people like Parkinson and Wogan propping him up and giving him glory.

    Is it not remarkable that after 30 years of abuse of life people try to make him out to be imaginary Prince Charming?

    There will be people jumping up and down saying he was an unfortunate who was afflicted by a disease – that’s like saying if you drive a car 100mph at a wall you shouldn’t expect to get hurt.

    His lifestyle and his view on how to use life led him to where he ended. It would not have been hard to see Best aged 20 and predict he was going to be an alcoholic-
    (Check - Merson, Adams, Gasgoigne etc...).

    Instead of trying to get crocodile tears and fantasy dreams about George Best – have a thought for person who donated their liver for him to have a transplant,
    Have a thought for the family of that person who thought that their loved one’s liver was going to help someone else – and next time you’re at Old Trafford have a look at the people at the front in wheelchairs and other difficulties in their live..

    Really, this post this is not disrespect, its just about having had a bellyfull of garbage about someone who inflicted all the damage upon himself.

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    • George Best has now departed this life and left behind him a host of great memories for millions of people world wide,memories that will never die for those of us who were privilaged to have seen him play.Yes he was an alcaholic who did harm to his body but did very little harm to others so i think rather than coming on here to berate him on the anniversary of his death would it not be better to do something positive and constructive to try prevent a similar fate befalling some other person.Alcaholism in my opinion is a disease just like lots of other diseases,its progress can in some cases be delayed for a short time as with George when he stayed away from drink for a time after his transplant but eventually was defeated by the desire for drink or occassionly if got early enough can be cured.

    • mr r richards, it was interesting to read your thread, and really this is what the message boards are all about, which is opinions.
      I disagree with some of what you have said, George best was NO god which I agree, but a sublimly gifted footballer, and it does seem with the supremely gifted, they are always inwardly fighting demons.
      With george Best, people and fans alike will always remember what he was, a football genius, people paying to see him play, a scorer of great individual goals with a unshakable balance when defenders were trying to break his legs, in the era when men were men, unlike today.

      For all his faults in later life, he always remained a peoples person, a man who took nothing from any one else (except himself, which eventually killed him) but gave so much more, he was approachable, likeable, easy going, and spent a lot of time, for free, on charitable causes, even his Ex wifes had no bad word for him, and that is a feat in itself!

      No he was not perfect, but then who is? some people are over the top with the praises, but one thing is clear, he only ever brought out the best in people, that had anything to say about him, you would never hear of anything bad.

      He was a one off unique player, with a approachable easy going personality, and that is how I remember him, a top player, and as a man sorely missed.

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      • Dear FSS, Thank you for your response and the manner in which it was delivered. I can see what everyone says about George Best - There is no doubt he was a fine and gifted player with good looks to go with it - but he abused it.

        Can you imagine any of today players being allowed to go that way? There were other great players in his day but because he had the looks and hit the headlines - he became immortal.

        Gasgoigne went to shit starting at Spurs because Venables thought he was above eveeryone else.Gasgoigne has the same tale - everyone else is to blame

        People have a choice in life and I get tired of people talking about this guys as if he was God's gift to the earth and that they desrve all the sympathy and worship after they blew it?

        Saying nice things about things he did in the limelight him -- this is only a part of the time --- the other main part of an alcoholics life is their behaviour the rest of the time which only those close to him know but I bet you it wasn't very nice.and I can't agree with you bringing out the best in people -- have you ever been in the company of an alcoholic??

        Who has shown his heart and done more for Man U -- GB or Ryan Giggs?

    • Whilst I would agree with you regarding anyone who abuses such an immense priviledge as being the recipient of a donated organ, be it liver or heart or otherwise, this is a unique case.

      George Best, through the skill he was born with did indeed become the worlds first Celebrity footballer by which I mean fully enjoyed the high life.

      Granted, alcoholics are generally not nice people and those closest to them suffer greatly but what is missed from your attempt to balance the perspective of the Best legacy is the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds, his endorsements and patronage generated for worthy causes.
      Charity events, ailing football clubs (just ask Barry Fry) and underprivileged individuals through the belief that out of nothing you can apsire to the very highest levels all were better off for having George Best around.

      Yes sycophants like the Parkinsons and the Wogans of this world pandered to him and tried to promote their own careers through having him on their programs but had the generla public not been interested, these programs would have been canned so you cannot blame him for being invited onto these programs.

      I also agree that yes, ultimately, his was a life that was wasted, and yes he enjoyed the very finest of everything (and No I am not saying he was a Mother Theresa or a Princess Diana) but I think that such special individuals are best remembered fondly for what joy they brought to others rather than asserting that had they not "used up" a donor liver, someone elses life would have been better.

      Such analagies are futile and pointless.
      I never saw the man play at his peak, nor have I benefited directly from anything he did other than the fact that he is part of the legend that is Manchester United and as such he will allways be fondly remembered by me.

      George Best RIP

    • Mr R Richards-are you a civil servant with the Ministry of Silly Walks? Now be honest is your "R" your
      real name - where you bullied at school (bless)

      George Best was one of the most exceptional and talented atheletes of the twentieth century. I know 'cos I was priviliged to see him play. He entertained and inspired millions of people. He was a flawed human being, as we all are (maybe you are different). If you had a fraction of his talent and the financial and sexual opportunities he was presented with, would you have handled it better? I doubt it.

      Alcoholism is genetic (Georges mother was an alcoholic) and it was his downfall- no argument. Despite this and apart from his exceptional footballing abilities, he was also self deprecating, erodite, amusing and entertaining human being, loved by millions.

      As for his later years waht sane person would want to confront Wogan sober?

      As for the liver have you considered the possibilty that the family of the donar were paid?

      " I spent a fortune on drink and women - the rest I squandered"- PRICELESS GEORGE BEST

      Go home to your horlicks and slippers Mr R Richards the world is not ready for your racey radicalism.

    • Maradona . . . . . good
      Pele . . . . . . .better
      George BEST