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  • rrichards rrichards Nov 25, 2006 19:02 Flag

    George Best

    My point is that all this patronising and false praises coming from people who don’t know him is getting way too much. False praise is worthless and it offends people who have had to live alongside alcoholics or cannot get a liver transplant because of the decrease in organ donations from what is known in medical circles as the “George Best “ effect.

    He played 30 years ago – not long after they put a man on the moon, The Vietnam war had just finished, The Bay City Rollers!!!! were in rage. platform shoes!!! and not one of the current United squad would have watched him play as 90% weren’t born and the other couple toddlers.


    He is not in the memory of a large percentage of the population. His life after playing (30 odd years) will be remembered for his drunken antics and debauchery. This is why people remember George Best - little to do about football.( News of the World, Wogan, Parkinson)

    There were other talented players of his generation Pele, Eusabio. Law, Greaves, Charlton, and many others who did not abuse their luck.

    I have seen him play and indeed he was a fine player, on television he came across as an intelligent and affable person. But I can say he wouldn’t get way with things that he did in those days on the field because the game in much faster, - he wouldn’t get the time on the ball. Also he wouldn’t get away with going AWOL or hungover before training or match.
    What you don’t know is the training sessions messed up because of him, the delays, the let downs, the abuse – these are things you didn’t see because anyone exposing it would be lynched.

    Read Gascgoigne’s book – anyone who allows him to destroy their clothing, wreck their car, and abuse them – he considers them “Great” people. To stand up to his antics like airline staff, hotel staff and FA officials are abused or attacked and called Arseholes – Just because they won’t let him have the world that he wanted. I bet there is lot of people in football (like Shearer) didn’t have time for Gascoigne.

    This post is an attempt to advise people about living in a mythical fantasy world. Time would be better spent considering and appreciating reality. Again nothing against Best – he had his run, he is at rest and should be left that way