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  • that was close. Well that`s 6 points from 2 games from which utd only got 1 point last season

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    • awwww you'll get over it

    • Stash, there is a personal plane waiting to take you to Munich mate!!!! Catch the fucker will ya!!!!!!

    • Minimal contact?? The replays show NO CONTACT, and twataldo falling well after the attempt by Schwarzer!
      Schwarz was man enough to admit he touched Petrov last week against Villa so can well believe him when he says he was nowhere near twataldo yesterday!!
      Also, diving to get a player booked (Boateng)?? he is a fucking disgrace to the Premier league and always will be!

    • sorry but were we disgusted when wayne got us a penalty against arsenal a couple of years ago?From what i could see there was minimal contact and ronaldo fell.He didnt ask for a penalty,the ref gave it.

    • Like many others I really hate the amount of diving in the game today whether it is another teams player or our own. Clearly Ronaldo did dive at least once last night and whilst I would not defend this generally I think you have to bear in mind how little 'protection' Ronaldo gets generally from referee's. His pace and skill often lead to him being (albeit often inadvertently) hacked down yet he rarely gets a decision in his favour. Little wonder he gets a little cynical sometimes (though as I said I don't excuse his diving) and the problem is as much to do with inconsistent refereeing as anything. I'm all for video refs and retrospective punishments.

    • Hehe old Maureen (sardine) says he predicts soon Chelski will overtake Utd. What a prat! Wonder what he will say when the Arse turn them over?
      Solid performance by Utd. Showed their metal after Boro got the equaliser too. Boro didnt deserve the draw.

      I have been a Ronaldo critic, but in reading the rules, if a player has to change his direction to avoid a serious collision due to the positioning of an opponent then that is deemed as a foul. In the area, thats a penalty! If these lame defenders cant time a challenge then thats their fault.

      I wasnt too impressed when he had to leave the foot in another tackle on him, where he would have got the foul anyway.

      Though he showboats and often is more content to dribble than pass, a big minus, he did really create the winner. An excellent run and vision to make a good pass to Giggs who found Fletcher.

    • Scrappy game, tense and nervy. Glad we won but was disgusted with the Ronaldo dive. If that was a Chelsea player doing the same last week and they got a penalty for it and scored, we all would have been very angry.

      Apologies to Boro.

      On the bright side, we are 6 and soon to be 9 points ahead.. Hopefully that pressure can help us for the Arsenal/Chelsea game... a draw there would be very nice and realistic too.

    • i have to say i was disgusted by ronaldo today...to blatent dives....im a man utd fan and i was proud to talk of how fergie had stampted the diving out of his game....but he just went bad again today...
      i would love to see retrospective punishments come into play so we can finally get diving out of the game...even if it means ronaldo gets banned for 3 games to stop him doing it...wouldnt just effect united tho..would effect almost all the teams in the league

    • no, it was Heinze ... or was it RVN?

    • Why cant the premier league look at Ronaldos blatant dive and give him a 3 match ban , as they can when the ref misses a bad tackle??? Surely its the same thing, bringing the game into disrepute!!
      Funniest thing ever tho, watching 2 man u (fans) start chanting UNITED after the 2nd goal in the Boro end, then getting pushed and tumbling all the way down the concrete steps into the arms of the police, Quality viewing!!!!!

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      • coulbymike,
        I would be very happy if the FA, and FIFA, introduced retrospective video evidence to stop blatant cheating in matches right across the world, just as long as punishments were meted out to ALL guilty players in ALL clubs.
        But they don't want to, because they are shy of punishing any of the big boys.
        Until they start punishing the perpetrators, nothing will ever change.
        Meanwhile, I don't think fans from any (of the big) clubs have got any stones to throw at anybody.
        By the way, I saw that tumble. Top comedy moment.

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