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  • PB PB Dec 3, 2006 21:17 Flag

    Is Ronaldo the best player in the league at the moment?

    Personally I don't think you're far off the mark. The guy may have some 'flaws' but for man of the moment and potential for the future, I can't think of too many others hotter. I just hope he develops a greater love for Utd and doesn't leave for Spain the first opportunity he gets. I wouldn't swap him for Henry or anyone else.

    As I posted in another thread earlier, if he got more 'protection' from referee's generally (OK maybe the ref favoured him kindly last night) he would perhaps feel a little less cynical when it comes to what he believes is necessary to get a decision in his favour.

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    • i personally think that its between 3 players...and 1 of them people will be surprised with....
      ronaldo and drogba are the two players who obviously are on fire....
      the other one is kevin doyle at reading...he was signed for 80,000 from cork city 2 seasons ago...scored 18goals in the championship...and is now joint top scorer in the premiership....and that is after going a few games at the start of the season without scoring....

    • They were having this argument on Match of the Day on Saturday night and the only other player that got a mention was Drogba - who goes down a lot easier than Ronaldo - but has been playing out of his skin as well.
      I think there is still an underlying current of animosity towards him for what he supposedly did in the WC match against ENgland which is why he never gets the praise he deserves. He has matured tremendously this season putting up with all the racist (anti-Portuguese) crap and some horrendous chalenges - but he just seems to get stronger.