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  • Brazil Red Brazil Red Dec 3, 2006 22:10 Flag

    Is Ronaldo the best player in the league at the moment?

    Agreed - very time he receives the ball their is an element of anticipation from the fans. We are expecting something to happen! Move importnat this is the kind of feeling/fear he creates in defenders. Right now, he is improving all the time, maturity, confidense and awareness. For example his part in the winning goal, his seedy break into the box (he started 15m outside, receieved th ball beat the keeper then a) didn't panic, b) didn't try some over elaborate trick or shot and c) played the simple but RIGHt pass back to Ryan.

    As to yesterdays "stumble!!" yes the replays show no contact, but they do show the way he was forced off balance by the keepers challenge AND the fact he looked like he was trying to stay on his feet before going down. If you also look at the postioning on the ptich of the ref (which was good) there were many player running in front of him.

    This is not a contradiction, he ref has to stand somewher and ther are also 20 other outfield players trying to get around the ball.

    Having said all that, I would dearly love to see the TV instant replay technology (which is now used in nearly all major sports - with reducing the quality of the game) - we have it, it works effectivly and SHOULD be being used.

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    • i dont think we should have replays in the game itself...if you look at rugby the referees go to the video ref for all the decisions now and it takes ages to make the decisions...
      the only technology should be for on the line technology and the rest of the decisions should be done retrospectively so the game is not slowed down.