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  • Ravi Ravi Dec 4, 2006 21:17 Flag

    Is Ronaldo the best player in the league at the moment?

    I agree whole-heartedly with many of the comments within this thread. Ronaldo has been consistently outstanding this season. Not only has his game improved this season (much of which I'm sure is due to the departure of RVN and the support he has had from Saha, Giggs and Rooney) - but his work rate is exceptional.

    He has the ability to be BETTER than Ronaldhino, and I for one believe he will be. I also fear that he will only grace our club for a maximum of 2 more seasons before he makes the almost inevitable move to Real Madrid.

    If it wasn't for his antics at the world cup, current form continuing, he would easily clean up every domestic players honour on offer this season.