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    Is Homosexuality Natural?

    I know the kids are going to have fun with this but it's a genuine question. Nothing to do with football but so what, sue me.

    I started a thread asking if anyone would admit they were gay on here, no one has so far which isn't a surprise really. Now I want to know do people think it's normal, natural. I have nothing against gay people, I have had one or two friends that were gay (cliche) but I don't think it is what nature intended.

    Our human reproductive organs are designed so a man needs a woman to reproduce and vice versa. The asshole is there for waste to be disposed out of. AIDS is a deadly virus that comes from homosexuality. To me it's 2 + 2 = 4 it's that simple.

    The whole 'feelings' argument just goes to show how many people have been brought up wrong or/and have psychological problems that have given them this distorted unnatural tendency to feel this way.

    I want to keep this debate pleasant, I am more than accepting of others opinions. This is my opinion I am willing to take others on board.

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    • No I am not going to name him, he deserves his privacy

    • The people who state that homosexuality is normal because certain animals are supposed to do it are the very same people who say that we are above the animals when it comes to all other behaviours. Fucking hypocrites. How can anybody use animal behaviour as a justification for human behaviour?
      Homosexuality isnt normal or natural.
      I dont persecute gays myself. I know a few gay guys who have always been okay to me. If they wish to participate in unnatural acts then thats their business. I dont condone it though.
      Bum sex or arse sex as its nicely called, isnt that dangerous technically with two fit humans, whether man-man or man-woman. The anus is just a passageway. The danger is when somebody is carrying disease such as Aids. In fact your more likely to get food poisoning through the Streptococci organism that can live in the gut through anal sex than other "germs". So you can tell the wife its okay really :)
      Procreation is what the main purpose in any animals life when it comes down to it. So on grounds of nature, its not normal.
      I think whatever the religion, it outlaws gay sex. Though the CofE changes its laws daily over the next new trend or scientific discoveries.

      The point with all this is we are in a post christian era where minorities are everything. New Labour is full of these minorities and thats why the policy is being forced down your throat every day. Thats why Christians arent allowed to wear crosses at work anymore in England. You did vote Labour didnt you?

    • The 'natural' purpose of any organism on earth is to procreate in order to preserve it species - Therefore homosexuality cannot be regarded as normal.

      Same sex also occurs in some animals - I read of a study where rats living in over-crowded conditions would start to build their nests on to of each other (multi storey - no Joke*)and they would involve in same sex behaviour.
      Homosexuality may be natures way of population control/reduction

      To be honest - I can't understand how someone can prefer a smelly old guy to a women and the efforts of establishment to accommodate these people a special cases is wrong

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    • This is a useless thread placed on a football forum by a person who has invented a brand new id today just for the purpose of being a wind up merchant,just go peddle your filth elsewhere where innocent children dont have access.

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      • wow, what a bigoted, ignorant bunch you lot are (with the odd exception). who cares whether its natural or not. if it ddn't feel good and right then gay people would not do it.

        some women like taking it in the rear end, they are still allowed to have and bring up children, so is that not natural. why should a person be judged on their sexual likes and dislikes and their sexual orientation.

        Its people like you who are not natural, i am not gay, but i have some gay friends, and i have no problem with them, we all make our own choices in life, so why persecute or even speak in these terms about people who have a different set of values than you.

        its like racism, in the end we are all humnan and all different at the same time.

        Maybe you should grow up and maybe come out of the closet as it seems that being gay might be on your mind

    • I agree that being gay is not natural (a fact) - your explanation hits the nail ... so no discussion.

      If it is normal or not is a question of what you are used to, so this depends on a lot of other issues, but not on facts. Here we could debate for ages.

      I would like to extend this thread: do you think it's correct that gays can marry and adopt children?

    • I guess that you are right about the issue, in todays society we are encouraged to believe that been gay is a natural thing, I believe that everybody have the right to their S. Orientation and been gay may have been a natural thing among humans. What is not natural and will never be is gay parents!

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      • Definitely, you just know they are going to grow up thinking its normal to be queer, maybe even putting pressure on them to become gay also. I think fudgepackers are just confused, there is something not mentally right there. Can you just imagine putting your cock in another mans arse? Touching his hairy rough skin, putting his cock in your mouth...Im shuddering as I write this. Its plain wrong.

    • AIDS is passed on not developed from gay sex. My upbringing was fine and I don't think being gay is abnormal in the slightest. Call it natures way of finding a balance by way of controlling overpopulation if you want. But whether you like it or not some people just can't help the way they feel. Its like straight people saying you don't choose who you love isn't it?