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  • So he's just like an abused wife? 'He only keeps me on the bench cos he loves me!'

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    • Not a chance he would be allowed to come to OT. Loved to see him here though!

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      • Yeah this is my worry, Maureen would never sell to us, I would love to see him in the squad, he would get much more play here, and as for the comment on Ronaldo playing so well down the right, he interchanges to the left so often that that wouldn't be a concern at all, and I'm sure SWP can switch wings as well, so it would be much the same as ronaldo and giggs do now, only younger, ready for when giggs does finally having nothing left in the tank (lets hope this is a while off though).

        Obviously the other alternative would be Lennon, also a brilliant young englishman, but possibly needs a few years before he's good enough for OT, having said that maybe thats perfect he can learn from ronnie and giggs whilst maturing to be the successor to giggs in a couple of years, still can't really see us landing him either!