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    Life in Middlesboro?

    Ideas that life may exist in Middlesborough have always held a fascination for earthlings, even though its atmosphere is hardly conducive to life forms. It consists of 95% mixture of sewage and carbon dioxide and is extremely thin, giving huge variations in daily surface temperature and a low percentage of atmospheric moisture.
    Nonetheless, curious reports of swamps, smells, sounds, faces and sculptures have helped to foster a belief of life in Middlelsborough for many years.

    Recently, the possibility of life on Middlesborough re-emerged in media attention, with samples taken from its surface offering evidence of bacterial action that could be suggestive of lower forms of life.

    Later studies, however, concluded that the bacteria could have been formed during the testing process, so the results were inconclusive. Scientists have not dismissed the possibility of life in Middlesborough, given the strong evidence of climatic change and the indications of a previously smellier, thicker atmosphere and flowing waters on its surface. Hopefully this is a mystery that will be fully determined in our life-time since a proposed manned voyage by the United States National Aeronautic and Space Administration has been planned for early in the 21st century, boosted by the possibility of using Hartlepool as an interstellar launch-pad.

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    • middlesbOrough??????
      Must be a different place to MiddlesbRough where, having lived in Manchester for 2 years, i was glad to move back to!!!
      North yorkshire moors on the doorstep, the North Sea coastline too, beats having the graveyard commonly known as Saddleworth moor on the doorstep!!!
      If you want to slate a town ,get the spelling right first daft arse!!!!!!!!!