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  • Erik Erik Dec 12, 2006 22:17 Flag

    Who should Man Utd sign?

    Sir Bobby Charlton has been saying that Man Utd should really sign some more players in Jan in order to cover any potential injuries and to be able to rest players. I'm sure everyone will agree this is a great plan. But the question is who should be signed?

    Owen Hargreaves would be a great addition (provided he can recover from seems like a nasty break) and everyone keeps talking about Fernando Torres but who would you like to see in the side?

    And if you could pick anyone from the English league who would you go for?

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    • The main reason behind our improved form this season is the re-introduction of width and fantastic wing play. Giggs and Ronaldo are top class but no-one else in the squad comes anywhere near their quality. So i think some cover for them is the most important, possibly Lennon from Tottingham

      Huntelaar is also a good call.

    • Doubt we will sign anyone apart from the loan deal for Larrson. Dont think Bayern will let Hargreaves go. He seems to be the only player Utd have mentioned in any great depth. But we do need players of that there is no doubt. At the same time there are players at the club who should be sold.
      I would go for Giles Barnes of Derby, Diego of Bremen, Nani and maybe and a striker. And a decent striker at that, a proven one. No duds. We've had our fair share of dud signings in the past.

    • I'd go for Lennon and of course Hargreaves

    • id like to see Reo-Coker and Dean Ashton and maybe young Anton all from west ham, in my opinion they would push for years to come

    • I dont think Torres is a frequent goal scorer as he only scored his first goal of the season from open play,all his other goals were from set pieces.Surely we need to give Rossi a chance to see what he can do and with solskjaer,smith and larrson we are not badly off for strikers.The young lad Martin at rangers is an excellent prospect who plays wide left but currently in the reserves the lad Barnes looks good and is really a very direct player with great turn of speed.

    • Nani to keep Giggs's legs fresh for the rest of the season and as his long term replacement.

      Hargreaves if we can.

      Leave Torres till the end of the season, if he comes in now then he either won't get a game or will be put in ahead of players that don't deserve to be dropped.

      And recall Rossi (obviously)

    • Come the new year we'll have Rooney, Saha, Smith, Solskjaer, Larson and Rossi (assuming there are no new loan deals) so I don't feel a striker is necessary....save Torres until the summer!

      We still need a defensive midfielder though, so Hargreaves (assuming his recovery is coming along well) or if not then Reo-Coker.

      We also need a quality winger...Giggs and Ronaldo as first choice are excellent, but as soon as one of them are out of the team we're scrapping the barrel....Park is decent but not fantastic, Richardson had done bugger all this season.....in terms of who though I don't know, Lennon or Wright-Phillips would be great but can't see their clubs letting them leave (particularly in the case of WP, I can't see Chelski selling a player of his calibre to their closest rivals half way through a season). If not them then maybe Ribery or Joaquin??

      No additions necessary in defense of Goalkeeper.

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      • We do need a striker.
        Saha is injury prone
        Ole is injury prone
        Smith's recovery has question marks all over it
        Rossi is unproven and after 6 wasted months at Newcastle lacking match fitness
        Larsson is not match fit
        If we could get Huntelaar right now it would be great. Torres is a huge financial risk, his goals to games ratio is not as good as Huntelaar's, and he would want first team action.
        In my mind a striker and a defensive midfielder and we are set. It is almost inevitable that we will have some injuries down the line, but if we strengthen the key positions we will be fine.

    • Shaun Wright Phillips if the price is right and cheatski will sell him to us. He's the right age to fit into the rebuilt squad. Giggs and Scholes will have to be replaced eventually in a few years. SWP has loads of talent and I believe his development at Old Trafford would allow him to develop into a better player than he would become anywhere else.

    • With Smith and Solskjaer on the way back do we really need Torres? In midfield we're strong but Hargreaves would give us more depth. If not him then Lennon from Tottenham, a completely different kind of player, would be a great young player to develop in our midfield.

    • Ribery.

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