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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 18, 2006 03:39 Flag

    How did Manure do against West Ham?

    as a neutral man utd being pegged back is great news as it was lookinglike thed done a chelski and stolen the title by sprinting clear. a pity its just a two horse race as it would have been great to see arsenal and liverpool in the mix. i wsould say man u cant play much better but I think chelsea can

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    • I think your wrong! Everyone at Chelsea are saying United have no injuries ect.Well sorry! The facts don't back that statement up at all. Drogba is carrying a injury! And yet Jose is allowing him to play,ok resting him from time to time helps, but it doesn't cure the problem.So lets see what happens if he gets sidelined for say 3 weeks.

      As for United not able to play better. They can and will.Why? Because they do it reg after letting points slip.

      Lets see how many points both teams drop from now till end Jan! Then we can say who is in the better position!.

      Ohh and to those who no doubt will post crap remarks! Your only showing your lack of footballing knowledge! And skill at written communication!