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    Is Ronaldo the new George Best??`

    Lets face it, any team in the world bar none would sign Ronaldo.

    He just seems to look better and more fluid with every game... He is 21... Ok, he doesnt have a cool Beatle haircut but you cant have it all!! He looks to me like George... The comparisons if you think about age, style, being able to take the piss out of opponents etc etc

    He is a danger and a runner for a lot of awards this season.

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    • Best was before my time and comparisons suck. Football in 2007 is not like football in 1968. The modern game is faster, harder and more competitive.

      Ronaldo is a wonderful talent who we are lucky to have at Old Trafford. He can get better, and I hope he fulfils his potential with us and not move to Spain. This season he is the best Premiership player by a mile ... Diddly Dogshit has been good, very good, but Ronaldo is just a different class. I wouldn't swap him for anyone. Not Gerrard, not Henry, not Ronaldhino. Ronaldo is simply the best.

      Let's enjoy the lad for what he is.... he is Ronaldo, he's not the new "Best" or "Giggs" .... he is writing his own chapter in the Man Utd history book.

    • Absolutely. He had a lot to prove to the world that whatever happened during the World Cup is in the past, that it was not personal and it was so long ago and he has done that. He has really matured and has taken the world by storm by his playing ability and scoring ability. He has been sublime this season and is perhaps one of the top two reasons why Manchester United are tops of the league. I can see him being on the same line as Best in terms of legend and he will be one, one day. However, he has to be careful to make sure that what comes along with fame does not take over his head.

    • the nearest ronaldo has got to george best is stevie coppel so far. not saying he can't make that grade but not as yet and you have to wonder what he would do with the old rules where you got kicked every 5 mins and i mean kicked not taps like the modern player dishes out or the old style ball that bestie started out with on heavy pitches> if george had those advntages he'd have held records that still would stand by the time he was 21 never mind when he moved on. the only factor I would put over the player from the past would be better organised defences today. funnilly enough don't think george would have emerged today though doubt his parents could have paid for his progress or if they could his skill would have been coached out of him

    • I think that Ronaldinho has taken Zidane's crown as most skilful player in the world, but Ronaldo is perhaps more devastatingly effective and dynamic. He is an absolute joy to watch. To think that Utd have him and Rooney - also a future contender for top dog - at the same time is incredible.

      Having said that, Best was magic and possibly the greatest player ever. Even in the genius category, there are different levels, and Ronaldo clearly ranks below Best in my book...but that's certainly not an insult.

    • Some guys are losing it here for no reason. It would be very advisable for all of us to watch that video again.

      As a sportsman, yes Ronaldo didn't do a very good thing. At the seen where that player got injured. It's not an acceptable behavior for a player like him to have done what he did. Which brings us to teh next point.

      Just when he joined Man U, this skinny lad did dive and most of us would agree. Funny how most of us just jumped on that band wagon. When he improved on these actions, everyone even England fans were afraid of meeting Portugal for his excellence of good play.

      Lets not forget how painful it is for someone to stamp on your manhood. That's exactly what Rooney did. Did anyone blame Rooney, no. I am a Man U fan and admit how viewing this from both can be difficult but I appreciate sportsmanship and would admit that both players were in the wrong, but my qusetion still remains, "From the referees view, did Ronaldo have ANY inluence in Rooney's sending off".

      We'll always hold grudge with a lil blot of darkness in a vast area of light anyway. So for those who can't appreciate Ronaldo's play now, swallow back that bitter taste, better still you can go and cry in the toilet for England's world cup exit and blame Ronaldo on it.

    • i'm english,and i thought our team was crap.In fact it was fatty lampard,and stevie(look at me aint i great)gerrard who lost the game for us.

    • You sir have it allllll wrong. You are bitter and twisted for some reason (I dunno what club you support) but face facts, Ronaldo is amzingly good, noone but the club he plays for is gonna love him (mourinho syndrome), but i think you will find most people who love football would pay to see him, in this day and age of fitness over skill.

      As for England... How can you feel so passionate about a shambolic organisation that is the england football team?? England are an annoying distraction... And like me, a lot of United fans feel the same... Thats why we chant Argentina... cos it makes a mockery of the stupid fans that get patriotic. Patriotic about england??

    • These sort of racist comments are of no value. As an English United supporter I found nothing wrong with Ronaldo against England. He wasn't the one who stepped on Carvalhos balls.
      George Best would have pretty well done anything to beat England when playing for Northern Ireland. In those days there didn't seem to be quite the same paranoa surrounding the national team. However I do agree Best never 'dived' but that is to do with upbringing.
      Ronaldo is a great talent, probably going to be the best around at the moment. Everyone should be pleased to see such a talent in the EPL . I am not an Arsenal fan, but I'm glad Henry is in the EPL and that we see him every week.

    • Not even close. Ronaldo is good, brilliant even but Best was something different class.

    • They are different players playing in different eras.The one thing missing from Ronaldos game that Best had was the ability to come back and defend and tackle as well as any defender but for me as someone else said Ronaldo is not the new Best ,he is the original Ronaldo

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