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  • jim w jim w Jan 23, 2007 03:13 Flag

    The Lesson

    Nobody was to blame for the defeat. The only thing that happened was that we were missing a real midfield general when everyone got 'tight' after we scored. Scholes, Carrick and Giggs all played well, Carrick especially. But when we really needed someone to 'stem the tide' of Arsenal attacks, someone with real energy to get the central defenders to move up 10 yards, someone to 'put the foot in' , we didn't have them.
    Same sort of thing happened after we went ahead against Chelsea, and has threatened to happen in big european matches.
    We can't invent another Keane or Robson, or even a Bruce, but we do need that figure in the centre of the team. Everything else is in place.
    I realy don't know if Hargreaves 'fits the bill' but if Ferie thinks he does, then he is worth almost anything to get him, £20m, £25m whatever it takes. Because with that sort of player we can win all these sort of games, without that sort of player we will always be struggling to 'close out' these big games.

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    • they just sat back the damm fools.
      The formation I think didn't help, sometimes fergie does really bug me.

      at least I can change it on championship Manager :)

    • I think we need that type of player. Take nothing away from Carrick & Scholes, both have been having good seasons and are important players. I just think our squad will be more complete with Hargreaves in it.

    • I agree. I think overall we played well, but Arsenal happened to do a better job in taking care of the ball, and in the end of the second half winning all the 50/50's.
      It was premature to celebrate winning the league 3 months into the season, it's premature to call for the end of the world after this loss.
      The title will be won or lost depending on how we play against the teams in the bottom of the table, not against what we do against the top 4.

    • I would say you have to assume that Hargreaves is the figure we need and is that good on the grounds that Bayern are repeatedly turning down what amounts to close on what we were prepared to pay for Essien or Diarra last season and the season before.

      Surely it has to be better to get English (Canadian if you want to split hairs) and improve our compliance with the impending UEFA legislation on home country talent.

      Once this "extrement" hits the air conditioning you can guarantee that £20M will be cheap as demand will seriously outstrip supply for quality players.

      The last time something like this was around was when the King was playing for us and we would have won Big Ears during that Era is we could have fielded our strongest side !

      Pay the £25 Million if we have to. No, I do not think he is worth that but it will cost a damned sight more when the rules are changed and we need himnow to compliment the twighlight years of Scholes, Nev and Giggs, not when they have gone and we are considerably weaker as a result !!

    • Who do you think is the best that fit your description? I would say there is only 1 - Gerrard, but we are not going to sell him at any cost!

      Yes, your midfield can be strengthened, but you lost the game not because the lads were not trying, I think SAF shot himself at the foot by taking off Ronaldo. Once he was off, Arsenal could concentrate on attacking with worries!

    • Yes Gerrard is the best. I think United would pay £30m to get him, but as you say it will never happen. So maybe Hargreaves is the next best bet.
      I agree that substituting Rinaldo was an error. If I was playing United and suddenly they took off their most potent threat, I would be very happy. Eboue is always dangerous, and without having to stay back to mark Ronaldo, he could attack with abandon. I don't understand this decision. But it just added to the 'defensive' mindset the whole team had with 15 mins to go. When Fergie says United will learn from the end of the match I hope he includes himself.

    • I would take Hargreave over Gerrard every time.
      From what I have seen of him playing for Bayern and his World Cup, not to mention the effort and work rate even when Sven played him out of his natural position, he is just what we need.
      Gerrard runs hot and cold, sometimes he is amazing, the best in the World but then he can be the worst, wastes balls, plays the long ball game, disappears for 90 minutes.

      From what I know of Hargreaves (correct me if I'm wrong), consistently good, consistently visible and full of effort.

    • Well although I do agree that no one is to blame for the loss on Sunday, I still think we don't need to buy at this point. We just got unlucky and hey, it happens and we will know better next time.

    • Maybe we`re forgetting that Henry is a top player and he made some space to take the goal. He was marshalled well enough throught the game.
      The season wont be decided on on one bit of inspiration from one player like Henry. Our play and form is good.
      I said at the begining of the season, we can afford to lose 4. 91 points will win it.

    • Gerrard is the most complete midfielder in Britain but i don't think he's the player that United need. I just think Hargreaves is better suited to our team; he's happier tp play a defensive role and allow others to play. Asking Gerrard to do that would is like asking Rooney to play on the wing; he does an ok job at it but it's not allowing him play to his full potential. Gerrard would never join United anyway.

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