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  • Drum Pro Drum Pro Feb 16, 2007 08:02 Flag

    summer signning

    I might get some stick for this one,but what does everyone think bout raiding Blackburn for Mort Gramst Pederson?He's been great this year for them and is a left sided player.might do well as a back up to giggs???

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    • Exactly where I played him in a 3-5-2 attacking formation, or as a striker if I was struggling for fit strikers! He used to make me about 60 goals a season including assists!

      I signed him for Crewe and he won me the European cup! God -I'm going to have to dig it out now as well!

    • Don't think Adu is going to be playing in the red shirt in the near future to be honest, and I don't think he's the answer to the future player conundrum. He's barely played 100 games in the MLS (about the same level of that of The Championship). When you strip away the name and the hype he's nothing "overly special". From what I can gather the fact that his boot sponsor is Nike may have something to do with his appearance at the training ground combined with the fact that most MLS clubs let there players work out with European sides whilst they are "out of season"during April-November.

      Also think Fergies comments suggest that although the door wasn't closed on any potential transfer, a cheque is far from being written.

      As for other targets, Sneijder is quality as is Quaresma and Joaquin. Would prefer the former as think he would settle in better with the team. But just think what would have happened if Robben had seen the light at OT instead of the £ signs at Chelski................

      And what a great shout Tonton Zola Moukoko is. Play him just off the from 2 and he'll knock about 30 a season in (on Champ Man of course). Think I'll go and find my disc of that game now.

    • I am suggesting Gareth Bale. He is Genius .... very talented player.

    • yes i agree he would be a good signing for thee club and could be for years too come

    • I think James Beattie would be a superb signing - going cheap, big, strong, good in the air, the typical English centre foward. He could be the new RVN, definately a Man U player.
      Reo Choker could be good as well.

    • I agree... thumbs up......Although i think Giggs is definitely one of the best left wingers in the world and replacing him would very difficult, not even ronaldo (too selfish, solo too much and too much unnecessary footwork).....

    • He`s a solid enough player but I think SAF wouldnt buy him because he isnt any better than the players we have who he could deploy there. i.e. If Giggs is injured he could swap Ronaldo and use Park right. Plus theres all the youth talent coming into the squad next year too :)