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  • Artuso Artuso Feb 17, 2007 19:53 Flag

    Shame on you Sir Alex

    I have witnessed some disgraceful things in my life: Violence in Beirut, bombings Iraq, Gareth Southgates' face. But never, absolutely ever have I heard of a football manager literally
    "kicking somebody's soul"

    If anyone ever kicked my soul I'd probably write them a vicious letter so
    I feel the utmost sympathy for that labrador faced ex-striker of yours

    How will you ever live it down?

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    • Sorry, but i live in sri-lanka, and we do not get to see those interviews. Could anyone please enlighten me as to what happened? Has it been highlighted in the print media? As for RVN, his standard of play dropped badly after his operation in late 2005.

    • With Ferguson its "my way or the highway". Always has, always will be. Its not done out of spite, he truly does what he thinks best. Not the best way for Ruud to leave and certainly a disappointment he was treated like that. But SAF has done it to everybody who`s time was up. Including Keano.

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      • Seems like a few people have short memories.

        Has everyone forgotten that every summer from 2003 onwards there were reports that RVN's agent had been touting him around to other top clubs in Europe (but mainly RM). Agents only do that on their players' instructions.

        Two other points; firstly there were also unproven rumours that RVN was involving himself in off field activities that would certainly have got him banned (if true) had the right people looked in the right place at the right time. Certainly not the stuff that would endear him to SAF (if true, of course).

        Secondly, his behaviour towards the Dutch national and manager doesn't exactly seem to have been that professional either, does it ? So who is it with the problem ?

        He was brilliant for us in his early years here. Not so in the last two seasons.

        But, no matter how brilliant he was, he was also, and remains, a self centred mercenary. And sadly, I think that Ronaldo is made of the same stuff. Brilliant, world class. But his heart is where his bank account is. Fair enough, but let's not make legends out of these people.

        Enjoy these talents while we can. And I do. But George Best, Denis Law and Duncan Edwards these guys will never be.

    • I think you guys both missed my point. I trust SAF to do the right thing for United, as he always has. However a player wanting what they perceive to be best for them and voicing their opinion/dissent have every right to do so as well. And if they do, they don't deserve to be villified for it - who's going to be the first one to raise their hands for never having fucked up in life?

    • People who attack SAF over the Ruud affair are being disingenious.Saf knew Rudd didnt suit the type of play the team he was building were playing,Rudd didnt like being left out so he spat out his dummy as he has done with Holland,wont play for them unless he is guaranteed to be number one.Good and all as he was and despite all the goals he scored no player can try to make himself bigger than the club,the final word must rest with the boss.

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      • totally agree. The thing i see from this article is that Ruud just seems like a spoilt kid. United were winning 4-0 in the carling cup, why bring on one of your best players. You do what i think is logical and bring on up coming talent so they get a chance to play in a biog game and build up the team spirit so they can perform at their best when its needed. Ruud says in his childish interview that he was anoyyed because evra and vidic had only been there two months and he wasnt playing, SO WHAT. does it really matter, when your in a team the manager makes the decisions, hes your boss, end of. In no other profession can you demand from your boss. This whole article just shows how big headed and childish Ruud has become with fame.

    • kicked his soul awww diddums, he spat the dummy poor spoilt brat how many games did he play below par how many games was he a greedy hog wasting chances, all ruuud could have ringing in his ears was ruud ruud ruud. Funny how team soirit has soared since he went and all those past it players are now performing wonders. look he was a good striker still is but he lost his head up his own arse and thought he was the holy grail

    • Who's jonathan? Nah, I just watch it on the tele, I'd get eaten alive!

      I'm an arsenal fan and merely thought it amusing that Ruud would try to rekindle (or so it may seem) a rift with Sir Alex with such hyper-sensitivity as "he kicked me right in the soul!"

      Just funny, no disrespect to your club

    • of course any united fan would be disappointed at the way nistelroy left. until today i have no clue why sir alex left him out of the final. he was playing well all the while. fergie likes to thinker with the team and nistelroy was one of those players left out in some games for no reason.

      but life has to go on...we wish u all the best nistelroy. You are indeed appreciated by your fans and you will always be a legend for MU.

    • so,johnathan,you've actually been under the bombs in Iraq and Beirut?

    • Hello, it looks like jonathan_loony has got himself a new name.

    • He may not speak English as well as you, but I bet he's a better footballer than you. And he was Utd though and through - his treatment was indeed disgraceful.