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  • GET OVER IT......lol Bye bye cristaino

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    • lol,lets hope liverpool beat barcelona;or it'll be bye bye stevie.Now what would you rather do?Be in the FA Cup,or on some beach somewhere preparing,in liverpool's case their last chance of a trophy?Come on barca

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      • I see you're showing your vast intelligence yet again.

        Lets look at the facts,

        1.Liverpool are now owned by billionaires who have made the club debt free(something MUFC won't understand has you are on the abyss of massive debt which good business skills will hopefully turn scum trafford into a car park soon)
        2.LFC now have lots of money to spend, again something you haven't.
        3.Stevie has been there from childhood and along with other LFC players is passionate about LFC unlike mercenary scum players.
        4.He is the captain of his hometown club and the most successful british club ever.
        5.He is revered by fans as a God !

        So why would he leave ?

        Accept the fact that next year MUFC will be hanging on the coat tails of the other big three because you have no money and no youth talent coming through.In case you haven't realised over the last 4 years MUFC are going downwards.
        When Ronaldo goes you have seriously shit it!