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  • Hugo Viana claims his international team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be at a "more important" side than Manchester United.Ronaldo has repeatedly been linked with a transfer to either Barcelona or Real Madrid, having previously described the possibility of moving to the Bernabeu as a "dream".

    And according to former Newcastle winger Viana, Ronaldo is now desperate to realise that ambition.

    "He won't be at United for much longer. It's complicated for them to keep him now," Viana told the Portuguese press. "Ronaldo has worked hard and, within a little time, he will be with another team more important than United."

    "Everyone knows if teams like Barca and Madrid want a player, they end up signing him. We told him that his name has been linked to Spain. He's very modest but, in every way, we know he'd like to come.

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    • Let me just put you right. I don't hate AmericanS. I hate AMERICA, the Neo-cons, the right wing christian fascists and above all the current administration.

      Yo Blair is a little puppy dog, he's insignificant to me.

      Who am I to judge? You're obviously from planet Myopia?

      I'm pleased you prefer it there. Less bullshit? It's you that's sending over here.

    • Opinion polls in Britain showed 50/50 at the time of the invasion. And you say the US is full of Bullshit. Problem is you really believe your own bullshit.
      So if the majority of the British population were against it, how the hell did Blair get voted in for another term?
      Moron's like you...no doubt.
      Anyway, like someone else has said this is a football board.

    • Less Bullshit in the USA? You've got to be kidding me man. The whole freaking society is based on propaganda and lies. I mean take something as trivial as baseball. You lot call it the 'World Series' and yet the participants are US teams only, geeez. As for the Iraq invasion -no the vast majority of the British Public were against it. Why did we go in then? Cos our politicians are just an extension of the shite US administration thats what.

    • And you base all this hatred for the USA and the 200 millions you have never met based on what?
      BLAIR argued for the War against Saddam as much as the States did.
      The British public responded in the same way the States did.
      I was in England and as I am British, part of the British public. So I had the discussions at work and at the Pub. They are pretty much the same discussions I now have in the States.
      America a sick society! Who are you to judge?

      As I stated, I have lived in both places and I prefer it here. There is less BULLSHIT!

    • I think you'll find that politically there is a massive difference between America and the UK. Especially when it comes to voting. But seeing as you've LIVED in both countries you are aware of that. Blair didn't start the Iraq invasion he just licked Braindeads arse.
      50/50 on the Iraq invasion? What's the split on military action against Iran then? Braindead will still fucking take it!!

      As for living in both countries? I wouldn't live in the ooooessssayyyy if it was the last place on earth (which it probably will be soon). What a sick society!!

      Thinking whilst I type? I don't need to with you!

    • I used the term because you are obviously not thinking while you type.
      Who exactly voted in the Prime Minister then?
      There is little or no difference politically between England and America. There is also not a significant difference between the populations. At the start of the War both Countries polled at about 50/50 in favour and against the War. Both Countries now want rid of their leader.
      Bushs' approval ratings are at an all time low as are Blairs.

      I have lived in BOTH countries. Have you?
      Don't spout nonsense if you want to be taken seriously.

    • I am not doubting that, in the age we live in cash is readily available, all sorts of deals are being done all over the place and banks are willing to finance them because of the revenue they will receive in the long run.

      It is definitely good business for all involved to finance the building of your stadium by borrowing from the bank - better for the bank - but the point I was making is that by so doing you will be incuring debt and until that debt is paid off, it will appear in your books.

      I agree it's good business but that does not take away the fact that it is still debt which you still will have to pay back.

    • Yeh and now they're making false noises about Iran (or eye ran as the yanks say it). They should stick to what they do best; produce half decent sitcoms, eat burgers all day and pollute the world.

    • "And what in your diminutive brain?"

      My god, scraping the barrel now ain't we? You lot voted in G.W.Braindead. You wanna do sumthink constructive maaaan? Vote the twat out next time. Oh, I forgot. You can't can you? 'Cos your voting system is so corrupt!

    • And what in your diminutive brain supposes that the American Public have any more say than the British!

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