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    Here's something no one has mentioned...


    With Platini now in charge, it will be very interesting to see how he handles this situation with Lille. He is between a rock and a hard place because if he is too easy on Lille for their actions, everyone will think because he is French he is taking care of them, and if he comes down hard, he could distance himself from his fellow Frenchmen. And with Platini trying to shake up the Champions League, this provides a good test of Platini's character.

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    • god that was an angry thread,hence the mistakes in spelling,i should have wrote deaths to police and supporters.

    • i read that the Lille chairman has complained about gigs's perfectly legal goal,but not a word about shambolic situation which could have resulted in death.Its typical of the French football chiefs who continually go around with their heads up their arses.They have had extreme racism,hooligans,deaths to fans and supporters,bribary and corruption for years,and they do absolutely nothing about it.Their sports newspaper L'Equipe is a disgrace.Continuously anti-british in all sports,be it football,rugby tennis or athletics.Now we have Michel Platini as head of EUFA.In my opinion Lille should be thrown out of the champions league

    • Of course Platini will side with the Lille. (Just like the French did with the Germans in WW2.) Then he will blame drunk Utd fans with fake tickets as an excuse.

    • If UEFA and Platini apply rules , M.U. will be banned for a year like PSV Eindhoven was, earlier this year.
      Hooligans are not a good image to export, either dutch or english.

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      • The club was FEYENOORD, not PSV.

      • If UEFA apply the rules, then Lille wil be spanked for the cheek of making a formal complaint alone, let alone starting a riot (it was your fans btw who were rioting, ours were trying to get out of a crush due to your pathetic stewarding when your sissy police decided to gas us). I went to this same match about 4 years ago, it was chaos, the authorities had simply never had to organise a match with a team like Utd. As kick off approached you could just walk in. Whether you hate Utd or love them, the performance of our travelling fans over the last 15 years has been immense. We've played more champs league games than any other club in that period, and we've had easily the biggest away following in europe to boot (OK, the celts get let out of Glasgow every now and then, but for consistency you cant beat us).
        This incident is now going to define Platini's reign at UEFA. The taking of a free kick in that way is precicely the kind of thing Platini has advocated all his life. But storming the bastille just cos it hasnt gone your way. You will find few peope who would deny you were playing well, but asking the ref to be changed, please be serious!!. Is every match to be halted and the fans go ape cos some berk of a manager thinks it's his right as a Frenchman. If anyone from Istanbul is reading, I beg you, dont do this, we'll all be killed!!!.

      • Just exactly where were the hooligans last night????????

        Do you mean the fans trying to get away from being crushed to death???????????

        Do you mean the French police who set about fans trying to escape from being crushed???????

        Do you mean the childish Lille team who spit the dummy when things didn't go their way????????

        Do you mean the finger pointing from all the french coaching staff from Lille?

        So Just exactly where were these so called holigans?

      • actually it was the french police who were the hooligans,and you DO NOT walk off the pitch and,as Lille's president has admitted try to change the ref because of a decision.French clubs,after what has happened in paris should also be banned

    • This is a very good point. I think it would be a shame if Lille were to be banned from European competition though. Their actions were absolutely disgusting but I think a hefty fine and a pretty stern warning would suffice.

      The guy who stood with the ball in his hand and waved the players off (who I thought seemed quite embarassed by the situation) should receive a ban on a personal level. There is no place for people like him in football.

      Credit to Vidic - his behaviour was a great example to all professionals. Also I felt Sir Alex conducted himself very well in the interview afterwards and I think he should be commended for this. When asked if Lille should be banned he refused to comment, I think certain other managers with less integrity would have said yes straight away. Mourinho for example.

      Andy Townsend was ridiculous afterwards also.

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      • A quote from the president of lille:

        `I will call Michel Platini, who says he defends the beautiful game and the little teams. We have developed a beautiful game and we are a little team.`

        Which roughly translated means he`s french, we`re french so he should be on our side. Or put it another way our attempts to intimidate the officials didn`t work last night so we will try and intimidate Platini.

        I would love to know which part of the `beautiful game` they have developed lille demonstrated with their antics last night.