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  • Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    According to the president of lille his players and coaching staff weren`t threatening to walk off they just wanted the ref changed - presumably to one who would disallow utd`s perfectly legit goal. SAF certainly got it right when he accused them of attempting to intimidate the officials.

    By the way can anyone clarify lille`s president claim that asking for the ref to be changed whilst a game is in progress is legit under french rules? I now that clubs often object to a certain ref before a match but I`ve never heard of clubs having the right to challenge a ref in the middle of a game.

    Either way someone should point out to him that CL matches are played under uefa rules and not the rules of any national body.

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    • Puel stated that his players reaction and statement were in response to SAF "mindgames". Considering that SAF didnt even mention the situation until after the game, how can you react to something before its happened? Fils de peasant.

    • I hate sorry losers and Lille's president is already in trouble for the security scare so if I would be him, I would keep my mouth shut and put the blame on his team losing!!

    • Some of the French press are picking up on Lille's complaints talking about United being banned for crowd trouble, and lodging a formal complaint about the goal so that the game should be replayed. Absolutely disgraceful on both counts. As many have pointed out the goal was legitimate and the only crowd trouble was missiles being thrown at Neville and others after the appalling Lille protest. I don't want Lille banned because I want United to show them how to play great football in the second leg. But they should be fined heavily and play behind closed doors at home if they get back in CL next year. Lille should also be requested to issue a formal apology to the United fans and issue a public statement of thanks to them for their composure and restraint in the face of great danger brought about by Lille's negligence and cavalier approach to safety (Their own ground is apparently worse than the one they played in). The Lille manager is an absolute disgrace, he could have incited a major catastrophe - shocking behaviour from someone who is supposed to be a responsible leader. He should be personally reprimanded as well as the club. United should be commended by UEFA for their exemplary professionalism, sportsmanship and restraint.

    • Lille players and/or staff did not want to change the referee but to make a formal complaint about Gigg's goal
      Apparently they are allowed (not sure if it is in France only or in europe) to make a formal complaint during the first game interruption (this is why they kicked the ball in touch) as well as after the game.
      If you see the pictures again, you'll see the Lille skipper (No. 20) heading to see the 4th referee who apparently didn't understand a single work lille players were saying

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      • This is surely a complete 'red herring', as there was nothing to stop the Lille coaching staff to make that complaint directly after the goal. I am sure they did. The simple truth is that they choose to make a very public 'statement', that certainly made the crowd aggressive.
        The goal was valid, there was a push on Vidic, both decisions by the ref were correct. It upset Lille and they went 'over the top' in reaction. I think this is mainly due to their manager who gets his team 'on the edge' and his freindship with Wenger doesn't help when he comes in contact with Fergie.

      • In any uefa match any complaints or queries are only permitted AFTER the match not during it. And if that was the intention why did it requie the entire team to do it? Or was the coach merely beckoning the players over to examine the ball? Lille realise they are in the s**t and are desperately trying to find an explanation that will excuse their behaviour.

    • United's win was a disgrace for the game. These quickly taken free kicks are always controversial and it was an unearnd goal. You can't fault United though since the rules permit this trickery. The rule allowing this have to be rectified.

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      • What the f**king hell are you talking about???!! Giggsy's goal was totally legitimate. The ref had given him permission to take the free-kick, hence there was no need for the referee tp blow the whistle. The Lille players obviously didn't know that you don;t need the referee to blow the whistle fot the [layer to take the free-kick, as long as the player has been granted permission to do so. They probably took too long to organize their defence and their keeper, to line up his wall. It was quick thinking on Giggs's part, and a very clever goal. And i repeat it was 100% LEGIT. So get a life, will ya??

      • HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!!!!

        Saha was fouled, united got a free kick, therefore united have the advantage.

        No where in the rules does it state that the attacking team have to wait for the defending team to set themselves up.

        I personaly feel that the way referees, especially in the premiership recently, demand that they blow the whistle before taking free kicks aroung the box, is wrong, I always have done, even when Henry did it. They don't blow the whistle when taking free kicks for offside, or if a foul is committed in the middle of the park, why around the box?

      • And how many times have you posted a similar message when other teams have scored similar goals? And for that matter how many times have you posted to say what a disgrace it is when the offending team delay the taking of a freekick or penalty? When a freekick has been awarded it is suppose to be to the advantage of the offended team not the team that has committed the offence. Its bad enough that linesmen now always seem to award a tight offside call to the defending team without changing the rules to favour the team that has committed an offence. My pet hate is the rule about moving a freekick forward 10 yards if the offending team make too much fuss and then they deliberately do it because they know that players like David Beckham need distance to be able to get the ball up and down over the wall. That rule should be changed so that the team who have been awarded the foul are offered the opportunity to move forward but can decline if they wish.