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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 24, 2007 12:39 Flag

    a French point of view

    Bienvenue bertindouk - Your views are valued and appreciated - I happen to agree with what you say, but even if I did not I would still welcome hearing a French point of view. The Lille club authorities have been at great pains to put their own spin on these incidents: formally appealing against the goal, when they must understand the rules as well as the rest of us; calling for United to be banned for crowd trouble, when we can all now plainly see it was a crowd safety issue not a crowd trouble issue; wrongly accusing United fans of forging tickets to explain how over 5,000 could get crushed into an enclosure intended for 3,500 etc. The antics and behaviour of the Lille President and the manager have been shameful. They would be well advised to keep a calmer profile until the hearings. There has been an assumption amongst some that they will be able to influence Michel Platini as a fellow Frenchman. I have a different view: This is Platini's first big test as UEFA President and I think he will be at pains to ensure a just and fair outcome. I think he will pass with flying colours and it would not surprise me that he would also share the same 'French point of view' you expressed so well in your post.