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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 24, 2007 23:07 Flag

    a French point of view

    Nice post, I think every true fan of football is perpelexed by Lille's behaviour. I thought it would have died down by now and they would have seen sense, but their attitude has become even more irrational.

    The whole 'this is how we do things in france' thing is BS to me, we all play by the same rules, and Thierry is French and knew the freekick rule so whats the problem?

    Its bad sportsmanship and if they don't apologise I hope they have the book thrown at them, which is a shame as I hate it when it comes to that but that looks the way its going. This Puel clown is worse than Maurinho and Wenger combined. Disgraceful comments.

    Its gonna be a cracking atmosphere in the return leg boys! Lets give 'em hell!