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    a French point of view

    Well, I would like to express my feeling about the recent events at Lille. I do agree with most of you in regards of the free kick. The Lille players were not vigilant and they are the only ones to blame, not the referre and not Giggs. The following reactions from the team was unfortunately not a surprise for me and I really feel ashamed of that. The worse was the back up of the manager, the coach and the president, unbelievable. I was reading all the recents threads on your board and I couldn't believe that no one even tried to make an apology or some sort concerning all that, I am quite disgusted. Regarding the matter of the security the Uefa commision should decide of the sanctions before the second leg and set an example, perhaps a ban?
    I am not a Manchester Fan but I would like to give you all my support for the sake of the game and the sport. The Premiership is the best Championship in Europe and It's a real pleasure to watch your best team playing, It could be Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool, It's always very exciting. We should learn from you.
    From a frenchman

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    • At last the french journalists have finally agreed about the valid free kick but the Lille president shows how ridiculous he is by appealing...Shame for the players though...

    • the real question is. is it really normal in france for teams to walk off a pitch to discuss a problem with the 4th official like lille have stated? wish we had got a ball on the pitch and stuffed another in the net that would have taught the mard arses a lesson not to be forgotten. and as for the police problem all french teams should be banned in the same way english sides were

    • Nice post, I think every true fan of football is perpelexed by Lille's behaviour. I thought it would have died down by now and they would have seen sense, but their attitude has become even more irrational.

      The whole 'this is how we do things in france' thing is BS to me, we all play by the same rules, and Thierry is French and knew the freekick rule so whats the problem?

      Its bad sportsmanship and if they don't apologise I hope they have the book thrown at them, which is a shame as I hate it when it comes to that but that looks the way its going. This Puel clown is worse than Maurinho and Wenger combined. Disgraceful comments.

      Its gonna be a cracking atmosphere in the return leg boys! Lets give 'em hell!

    • I hereby recind any comments I've made about "the french" and "all french" etc. (I was have several intense off line rows with seveal french mates of mine).
      Everyone makes mstakes, and Lille did of course play very well, but as you point out, trying to have the ref substituted, which is in effect what they were up to, is appauling and to the shame of a lot of the French media that they didnt stamp on this.

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      • mark,i quite agree with you about the french press,the sporting press that is,being a disgrace,flagrantly anti-english.I mean why put tim henman as british and andy murrey as scottish?Apparently england did'nt beat the french in the rugby world cup,it was the weather, too wet, the pitch,etc.Whereas a month earlier at Marseille with temperatures over 33 centigrade when France won against England,no mention of the weather.Theres lots of other instances on television.I know the English press,tv can be jingoistic too,but at the end of the day they do acknowledge if the opposing team is better.

    • Very good post Bertindouk. I really appreciate your commnets, they're bang on!

    • bertindouk,salut.Very good post.I'm an english guy who lives in Marseille.I just wanted your views on the reports in L'Equipe(i thought they were an absolute disgrace)and the television commentators,who seemed to me to have no knowledge of the game.I quite understand that,being as it was a french club,they should be a bit biased,but some of their comments left me cringing

    • Bienvenue bertindouk - Your views are valued and appreciated - I happen to agree with what you say, but even if I did not I would still welcome hearing a French point of view. The Lille club authorities have been at great pains to put their own spin on these incidents: formally appealing against the goal, when they must understand the rules as well as the rest of us; calling for United to be banned for crowd trouble, when we can all now plainly see it was a crowd safety issue not a crowd trouble issue; wrongly accusing United fans of forging tickets to explain how over 5,000 could get crushed into an enclosure intended for 3,500 etc. The antics and behaviour of the Lille President and the manager have been shameful. They would be well advised to keep a calmer profile until the hearings. There has been an assumption amongst some that they will be able to influence Michel Platini as a fellow Frenchman. I have a different view: This is Platini's first big test as UEFA President and I think he will be at pains to ensure a just and fair outcome. I think he will pass with flying colours and it would not surprise me that he would also share the same 'French point of view' you expressed so well in your post.