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  • Kevin Kevin Mar 7, 2007 17:10 Flag

    Teach Lille a football lesson

    Its difficult not to get worked up over this tie after all the inflamatory words spoken by representatives of Lille football club.What really galls me is the treatment our fans recieved at the hands of the French police.Lets show them how to behave in a civilised manner.They are,after all,a very mis-guided lot.(They have monuments all over Paris to commenerate a small man that we beat not once but twice,whereas we are satisfied with Nelsons column).I would like to see us play our natural attacking game and play them off the park.I see this as the only way to take the bad taste left in our mouths with their behaviour in the first leg......come on you reds.

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    • Why - do you fancy Chelsea. Odds are that 2 english teams will face each other. I'd say Milan would love us - banish the ghost so to speak

    • and i hope newcastle get to show us the intertoto cup sometime.Wow thats really big

    • i'd love liverpool to get ac Milan in the next round and they beat the shit out of you

    • well jarvis at least they didn't beat us at our ground.I don't know how you can talk about a perfectly normal free-kick being cheating.But the look on benitez's and your fan's faces when we scored last saturday was classic.With only 10 men too

    • I'm Irish - 800 years of hurt to get rid of the British tag and you call me one!!!! Only joking mate!

    • Good post. As long as neither players nor fans get drawn into incidents on or off the field I think we will teach them a good lesson in football, and a lesson in how to welcome and take care of visiting teams and fans safely and hospitably. Much like your historical anaology of Lord Nelson who was magnanimous in victory against Linoleum Blownapart's navy at Trafalgar. That reminds me: Don't mention Trafalgar, Agincourt, or Crecy to our visiting friends from Lille. If a valid goal gets them so upset, God knows what a history lesson would do to them. Instead, maybe we could entertain them at half-time with some nice music from 70s pop legends ABBA - How does that song go again... Oh yes.. "Waterloo..."

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      • While their response in the first leg was pathetic, united have nothing to be proud of either. Yes we all know its not against the rules what giggs did, henry has previously done it himself in the prem but despite not being illegal it is the lowest of the low in terms of sportsmanship. For instance if a player knocs the ball out of play to allow a rival player to get treatment, it is not in the rules that hey should give the bal back (arsenal didnt once as i remember causing wenger to embarrasingly replay tie) but it would be terrible sportsmanship to do otherwise. Taking a freekick at an open goal when the keeper is lining up his wall is nothing whatsoever to be proud of and united would have been good enough to progress without stooping so low.