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  • Wobbly_gob Wobbly_gob Mar 7, 2007 23:59 Flag

    Sick of the Liverpool Love-in

    I am utterly sick of hearing pro Liverpool this, great Liverpool that.

    I listened to Talk Sport the other night and that celebrity Fat git Quinn was banging on about how Man U are eternally jealous of them.

    The next night it was old boy Tommy Smith banging on about how they can give SAF a gong and not give one to the most successful ever manager in Paisley.

    SAF is by miles the most successful manager in the English game, and while I do not question that Paisley probably shoulda had one as well, no way would I place him ahead of SAF.

    Now we read that Benitez cannot understand why Carragher is not the first choice centre back for England !!!
    Its because of Rio and John Terry (and I would also put Woodgate ahead of him) are better than him.

    Before all you bin dippers come on here and slag this off, Carragher is 29, Rio and John T and Jon W are all younger, not to mention better.

    Yes you won Wing-nut 5 times. Yes it was much easier when you won it. Its also 17 years since you won the Domestic league so for gods sake shut up until you manage to win it again.

    Is our season over if we lose to Lille tonight NO, would yours have been if you had lost last night YES.

    Has this been your worst FA Cup showing for years, YES.
    Jeeez, spare me the fawning media and don't even get me started on MOTD and the pundits or Alan Green !!!!

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    • oh and i've got a citroen 6 seater

    • whats wrong with hugging trees?I'm obviously better than everthekop because i have 3 computers,a numerical mixing table,thousands of pounds worth of musical equipment

    • Lol on the wife employment.

      No worries on it being anything but friendly banter and hope the A380 problems for Airbus don't cause your company any ripples.

      Similar respect to your side as well but I would deny it in court !

      Have a good one yourself and hope we resume verbal jousting in Athens later this year.

    • You don't think I'm daft enough to employ my wife do you?

      Seriously though,the businesses doing really well just got big order from Rolls Royce and Airbus, not sure about them at present, however.

      Glad you're doing well, I have actually got great respect for MUFC & SAF because like ourselves you have a great history unlike Chelski.

      Only friendly banter, signing off now have a good weekend.

    • Totally agree on the digging line but as I am more than adequately remunerated I can look after myself and my family thanks, without the risks associated with self employment.

      MUFC support is not a risk, its a way of life.

      I can understand small business owners labouring under the misconception of what constitutes financial control but to continue to do so is likely to jeopardise your businesses future. You may be better to Invest/employ someone who knows what they are talking about regarding finance because if you are going to run your business on pocket money lines you might just come unstuck and then you would need those Job Centres after all.

    • Glad to hear you're doing well !

      Very nice those little Audi's !

      Isn't it contradictory saying you don't like risk's when you support MUFC ?

      By the way you as they say, "you'll never make lot's of money digging an hole for someone else"...which is something I've actually found !(The business is going well,yes).

      Rather terrible you're exploiting your employer by e-mailing in works time...surely there must be some finances to control....my wife's is actally a financial controller like you.....she regulates how much pocket money the kids get...isn't that the same or I have I got tha one wrong?

    • Mines going fine thanks.
      Just been accepted for Fellowship in CIMA, Financial controller for my company, driving a new Audi and I don't need the risks attached with self employment ta.

      Not impressed with the Chelsea Tractor you will be pootling around in but then a mans choice of car says so much about the individual.

      Nice of you to show such concern, however misplaced.
      Hope the business is more successful than your football team will be in the coming years.

    • That explains a lot..Mr Harris the tree hugger !

      It must be terrible watching MUFC on a 1" tv that you can only have as it is all that your wind generator will power !

      With regards the vehicle,just making a point that the knob jockey had mis-judged character....sorry to offend !

    • wow a 6 month-old polluter of the atmosphere.I kneel before you.Does that make you better than me then,because i dont have one?

    • I don't like to resort to name calling or throwing insults around, but there is nothing I am remotely jealous of when it comes to them apart from the fact we SHOULD have won the CL more than we have (no thanks to a terrible tragedy) whereas they have 5 CL wins, fair play to them 4 of those times they deserved it as they were the best in Europe. But their fans sing no more than two songs every game over and over again, their stadium is horrible, they play awful football (long ball side) and only have one world class player in Gerrard. Carragher is good but not as good as what we have in Rio and Vidic. They haven't won the league in god knows how long and their manager is very poor in the transfer market (hello voronin), so I am counting down the years until they hit 26...

      The media are ridiculously biased towards them, which makes it all the more satisfying watching them sit in third/fourth place season after season! Not good enough!

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