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    Ronaldo wants to stay..........end of.


    Ronaldo's interview with Icons.com :

    How do you cope mentally when in Spain each week you are linked with Real Madrid and Barcelona on the front of the newspapers ? What does Cristiano Ronaldo want to do right now?

    I want to stay in Manchester but nobody knows what the future holds. One day I might end up playing in Spain, but I am very happy here, I want to continue because we are a great football club and I am doing really well, I am very happy here, but in the future nobody knows. All I want right now is to continue at this club.

    Between Real Madrid and Barcelona, who do you prefer?

    Always it is nice to know that the large teams notice my work, and are following me. But to be sincere I only think about Manchester and I want to remain here some years more.

    Do you want to make a mark in Manchester United?

    Of course I do. I want to make my mark in Manchester, I want to win titles and enter the folklore of the club.

    And the club wants you to remain because it is negotiating a better contract?

    Yes we are negotiating, everything is in place to keep me here. I do not know anything, Jorge (Mendes) is speaking with the president and I believe that things are going well and I am going to remain here.

    What do you say to the Spanish fans that are hoping you go there?

    I like the Spanish a lot. I expect some day to play in La Liga, but at this time I am very happy where I am.

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