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  • What are you talking about? Dong's been out on loan for 2 years now, playing regularly, until he could get permits to play in England. His loan spell ended and we brought him home. Rossi's getting regular football at Parma, getting valuable experience of First Team fottball, and will rejoin the squad next year.
    This is nothing to do with Utd not having confidence in him, and he's not being treated any differently to Dong.

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    • Agree with james, xtopher probably has never even see Rossi play before, certainly sounds like it. At the moment positions upfront are taken (despite recent injuries), sending Rossi out on loan this season was always the plan of Fergies so he would be ready for next season. We do not do things like Arsenal which is why we are 22 points clear of them a second season running! He IS good enough, thats why Barcelona and Milan want him!

      Saha, Rooney, Smith, Ole, (Larsson), Dong we have plenty of cover for the rest of the season whilst Rossi is playing 90 minutes every week in serie A. I can't wait for next season to see him play, and despite what this doom merchant says, it will happen.

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      • i think smith will be given his chance until the end of the season to prove he is good enough...something i dont personally doubt...and then next season we can play with saha, rooney, rossi, dong and solskjaer for cover upfront and on the wing for injuries and suspensions...also will be good for the youngsters to train with solskjaer so he can pass on his knowledge like larsson has done over his 10week spell