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    Treble Achievement May Become Null And Void

    For the last eight years or so, Man U fans have been reminding all and sundry about winning the treble and what a feat it was. Are the fans worried about the fact that the form Chelski are in they could very easily win the quadruple this season thus consigning the treble to the dustbin of history? Obviously you're going well in the league but one slip-up and it could be extremely costly.

    I ask this as being an Arsenal fan (cue abuse) our great bit of history making was the unbeaten season which, admittedly, not as big as a treble will remain intact this season.

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    • 'Chelsea will win the quadruple this seaon, rendering your treble achievement void and meaningless' you must be drunk or on drugs, right? Go get some help, mate.

    • Well as ahtboozing is an Arsenal fan, let's start by looking at a little bit of history concerning the 'Double' of League Champions and FA Cup winners in the same season: The first ever Double was won by Preston North End in 1889 and the feat was repeated by Aston Villa in 1897. The first Double in the 20th century took over 60 years to happen when Spurs won it in 1961. The first Double in my living memory was the famous Arsenal Double in 1971, and I remember people saying how difficult it would be to achieve again in the modern era. Of course since then we have had Liverpool in 1986 and Arsenal have done it twice more in 1998 and 2002. Like Arsenal, Manchester United have achieved the Double a record 3 times, in 1994, 1996 and of course in 1999 as part of the unprecedented Treble. Arsenal, of course, are the only club to win a double in more than one decade (1970s, 1990s and 2000s). Now if I understand ahtboozing correctly, his view is not that each of these is a fantastic achievement writ large in the history books of English Football, but he is arguing that the fact United won the Treble in 1999 makes all of Arsenal's (and the other teams) 'Doubles' null and void. I suppose we should put this down to the level of intellectual pygmy thinking that if any other team achieves the Treble or even a Quadruple that that could wipe out the fact that Manchester United were the first ever team to complete the Treble. Well, let's let ahtboozing declare Arsenal's three Doubles null and void, and let the rest of us continue appreciating the great achievements of the English game - the greatest of which, to date, is United's fantastic Treble of 1999.

    • You need to lay off the liquor.

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      • Call me pedantic but even if chelsea were to win the quadruple that would not result in utd`s treble becoming `null and void`. This is a legal phrase which means a contract is `invalid` (having no legal force) or `not binding` (not obligatory). In sport it usually means that a result has been overturned, usually because of an infringement of the rules. As utd`s treble was validated (ratified) at the time it cannot be declared invalid without legal justification.

    • When arsenal win a European Cup its fans will have earned a right to comment. As Liverpool found out some years ago when they won four trophies ( I think it was four ),even that is not enough. To win The Premiership, The FA Cup final and the Champions League final in the space of twenty glorious days in May is the benchmark and will always be the benchmark. Chelsea are 6 points behind with visits to The arse to come and a visit from United. United have to go to Stamford Bridge to collect the trophy and return it to its rightfull home, afterall the trophy room cleaners have had a couple of quieter years and have told Alex they are ready for more. Arsenal may have gone unbeaten, Chelsea may have bought a team that competes, but they will never repeat that moment in 99 when "the kids" won it all.

    • What if Man Utd win the treble again!

    • first off,it is mainly the media,Motson more than many,that bring up the treble 99. Sure we do gloat but it is unrivald in terms ov acheivment.

      IF cheatski do do the quad it will be void due to how much they have spent to acheive it.

      ALSO its not as if the Arse are the only club in england that has gone unbeaten thru a season,seeing as preston did it in the early years of assosiation football.i.e NOT 2000 ad onwards.

      i thank you

    • okay...how and why will utd's treble be erased from the histor books? utd were the first english team to win the european cup...was that erased when other english clubs went to better that? nope! the achievement stands for evermore. if chelsea do go on to do the quad...well and good. i wont mention that i really think that if they do we should say the have done the quadruble....you may think i was making a refernce to money...as if!
      oh one last comment about our teble...what made that all the sweeter was... we sank arsenal in the fa cup semi's with one of the greatest goal any of us will ever see... and... we beat the germans in such a gutting way for them...oh the blissfullness that memory brings!

    • and of course United should go into history as ending the small clubs unbeaten run.Theres a lot of if's there dahn.If Chelsea lose ONE match it will end their 4 title challenge.If United win the league,FA Cup and Champions league they will go into the record books as the only team to have done it twice.Lets leave the if's till the end of the season eh?

    • Do we know each other?!

      I see you have issues with Rooonaldo, but despite what your arsenal buddies think, I'm not him!

    • I'll hold my hands up. Bollocks! That's 1-1 between us now son!

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