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  • ROBBIE ROBBIE Mar 22, 2007 04:23 Flag

    REAL MASRID and rudd vanistlerooy

    Whats so good about REAL MADRID anyways havent one a single thing since 2003 wont this season either. so much for being the best team in the world, we get a 75,000 turn out every week. Were gonna be premiership champs, were on course in all cups apart from losing out in the carling cup but who cares bout that lol? so much for there Galacticos they cant win for hot dinners, so have fun at real ruud vannistlerooy sayin real are a different class to united ha hes so stupid and sore that he couldnt break into the unied team, so he had a hissy fit and sir alex gave him the boot, what about you agree dis agreee?

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    • well tom,if my bass player left our group because he didn't like being told that he was playing false notes,then after joining another group allegedly tried to entice the singer to join his group,yes i would be pissed off

    • Come on, Tom. it all depends on what the media writes. Somethings we dont like, we take it with a pinch of salt; somethings we like, we take it seriously. Any adverse report about an opposing side player will be lapped up with glee by all of us. Keano too was wrong in his infamous outburst. But he never wanted to break up United.

    • Come on Ian!
      By now we all should know that anything reported in the media should be taken with a grain of salt. Ruud could have said: "yes, I miss playing next to Rooney or Giggs or Ronaldo, they were a great bunch of guys" and some paper would print that as "Ruud encourages Rooney/Giggs/Ronaldo to quit United".
      The media reports crap like this because it sells, and people like to read it (and believe it) because bad things about a star are far more interesting then good ones.
      Granted, Ruud did not leave on the best of terms, but isn't about time to stop hating him for leaving?
      Does our loyatly extend only as far as the players are here?
      Under the same token we should hate Roy Keane, he said far worse things about United players a number of times, or Cantona (he had the nerve to retire young), or Sheringham, etc, etc.
      This type of attitude burns me, doesn't any of you ever switch jobs? Is that OK? and if it is OK for you to look out for yourself, why is it not OK for a footballer to do it?

    • rvn=horse faced cheating mug

    • Totally agree with you. What's so good about Fake Madrid anyway? Spending millions on 'star' names and yet they've still won fuck all after 4 years-pathetic ain't it? As for Ruud, he's a sore loser who's obvioulsy jealous becuase Man Utd are still on course for the treble while his team look set to finish this seaon potless again. You can sense sour grapes coming outta that childish self-centered, horse-faced twat's mouth. I'm so glad to see the back of him. Hope he has fun winning nothing at that sad joke of a club!

      GO UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Wow, I find it so amazing how when Ruud was here (scoring his 150 goals for the club) everyone loved him and only had good things to say, now we have moved on, and he has moved on, and everyone wants to criticize him and make him out to be this horrible person.

        Who cares how he left the club! Who cares what went on when he left the club! Let's just look back at all the good times Ruud had with us, why focus on the way he acted foolishly the last 6 months or so he was here. Just forget about it. Ruud was a great servant to this club, and one of the best strikers the Premiership as ever seen. So forget about the past and let's look to the future.

      • kskitten, you are really mad with RVN aren't you? I agree with every word you said.

        GO UNITED===================================================

    • Real are not real anymore. Maybe a few years later. But RVN made a prick of himself with his remarks. He has lost all respect of United fans. And fans play a mighty big role off the field for any side.