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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 22, 2007 18:57 Flag

    REAL MASRID and rudd vanistlerooy

    Wow, I find it so amazing how when Ruud was here (scoring his 150 goals for the club) everyone loved him and only had good things to say, now we have moved on, and he has moved on, and everyone wants to criticize him and make him out to be this horrible person.

    Who cares how he left the club! Who cares what went on when he left the club! Let's just look back at all the good times Ruud had with us, why focus on the way he acted foolishly the last 6 months or so he was here. Just forget about it. Ruud was a great servant to this club, and one of the best strikers the Premiership as ever seen. So forget about the past and let's look to the future.

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    • amen - i think we are much better off, good luck to him tho he done well for us.

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      • Well said hiya_002

        RVN was great for United but we are now scoring from all over the pitch and not just looking for him in the box.

        In a perverse way he is probably doing us a favour being at Madrid (With all the well documented problems he had with Ronaldo) why would Ronaldo want to go to Madrid with RVN there also why leave United when they are on the verge of another great dynasty with the team we have.

    • Well said "chelsea_falling"!
      His move was the best thing for both parties concerned, he is doing well, United is doing well, let that be the end of that.

    • Any player who shines is idolized by fans. But a time comes when they have to move on. If the move on is graceful, it's fine. RVN's move and his demeanour after the move was far from graceful. Take Becks. He too had problems with SAF. But his exit was graceful, and his remarks on the eve of last week's exhibition match touched everyone's heart. That is how players gain respect. It has been reported that RVN has tried to lure some Manu stars to Real. Now what do fans make of that? Keep saying never mind, and reminding them of the 150 goals?

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      • I don't like Becks and i don;t think he's as loyal to United as most people think but i feel that he's been more gracious about us than RVN has. RVN's attempt to lure some of our stras to Real clearly shows that he's trying to bring us down. I think not long ago he said he wanted Cristiano at Madrid and even claimed that we'd be powerless to stop the boy if he wanted to go there. The sheer nreve of Ruud! If i'm not mistaken this was the same guy who bullied Crsitano and told him to go 'cry to his dad', causing the latter to be reduced to tears. Like i said earlier, this guy's obvioulsy jealous of us. He wants to see us going downhill and not winning anything then he'll be happy. He obviously has forgotten that it was UNITED that made him famous and enabled him to establsih himself as a world -class player. What an ungrateful traitor he is.

      • So since it's been "Reported" that Ruud has tried to lure some Manchester United players we should have no respect for him now?