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  • Szeles Szeles Mar 23, 2007 22:17 Flag

    REAL MASRID and rudd vanistlerooy

    Come on Ian!
    By now we all should know that anything reported in the media should be taken with a grain of salt. Ruud could have said: "yes, I miss playing next to Rooney or Giggs or Ronaldo, they were a great bunch of guys" and some paper would print that as "Ruud encourages Rooney/Giggs/Ronaldo to quit United".
    The media reports crap like this because it sells, and people like to read it (and believe it) because bad things about a star are far more interesting then good ones.
    Granted, Ruud did not leave on the best of terms, but isn't about time to stop hating him for leaving?
    Does our loyatly extend only as far as the players are here?
    Under the same token we should hate Roy Keane, he said far worse things about United players a number of times, or Cantona (he had the nerve to retire young), or Sheringham, etc, etc.
    This type of attitude burns me, doesn't any of you ever switch jobs? Is that OK? and if it is OK for you to look out for yourself, why is it not OK for a footballer to do it?