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  • Wendy Wendy Mar 25, 2007 05:09 Flag

    Why Do England Keep Playing Lampard?!

    Because no England manager has the bollocks to choose between Lampard and Gerrard.Pick one kop the flak and build the team around your choice.

    At the moment the England team is simply surrendering half the pitch because nobody is playing on the left.Pick a central midfielder then balance the side around him.Call me old fashioned but you need to select left-footed players to play on the left-side of the pitch.

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    • It`ll be interesting to see how many papers condemn Lampard for his blatant dive in the penalty area. SKY commentator David Platt tried to excuse it on the grounds that he `slipped`.

    • DROP Lampard play Lennon on the right Downing on the left Stevie G and O Hargreeves in the middle Carragher and Ferdaninad at the back with Cole and Neville wide. Up front Ronney and Owen Crouch in reseve. This would be my England starting 11. Can anyone tell me why a young imature tosser like john terry was ever made captain of the English national side. I think a change of manager might be needed, someone who's not so keen to please the media. Who should take over McLAREN? Nice post badcat70 croke park is a very intimaditing ground!!!!!!!!