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    Bet any of you lot on here that we win at least 5-0 tonight v andorra!! He has been the weak link in the england team for the past 3-4 years!! hes good for chelsea blah blah blah but he has never once done it for england!! hes a joke!

    anyone else agree with me?

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    • I watched the england game last night and i have never seen a bunch of fans like those supporting england.After 15 minutes they booed everything the england players did and gave the manager dogs abuse,yet when they scored these self same fans went wild with excitement.Surely when things are not going well for your team then it is more reason to get behind them.Booing and cat calling does nothing for the players on the park none of whom went out to intentionally play badly.Andorra may only be a small football nation but when a side sets up with 10 men behind the ball and foul and dive like they did then it is not just so easy to score goals.
      A lot of criticism is made of our attackers for not scoring goals but how many opportunities were set up for them in the match.Last night people expected a glut of goals and an exciting display when surely the main object was to get 3 points and move on to the next hurdle.

    • I agree, he is absolutely pathetic and we could definitely do without him. Not the best performance but a win is the best outcome...

    • Not a great display but it looked more balanced without Lampard, especially in the 2nd half. Lennon and Dowling were awful.......final ball was dismal.

    • Even without Limpturd England were still crap. However, credit to the England fans who made the trip, they surely must have suspected that this would be another poor performance. Highlight of the night for me was the England supporters chanting "One David Beckham"!!!!!! - Bet the manager LOVED that

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      • Sorry, but I think that shows just how pathetic and fickle some England fans are. These are the seam fans that were calling for his head and the Manager obliged, and NOW they want him BACK??

        These England fans may have travelled far but after 15 minutes began booing the team. If you're gonna do that you might as well not bother turning up - it's self-fulfilling, watching England to prove a point and then booing at the earliest opportunity.

        We played so poorly yesterday that I fear for our qualification chances, and while I think McLaren is not the man for the job, there is no point in calling for his head yet with no one to replace him, or turning up at games just to jeer, or cahting the name of a player who's name was mud with the very same fans just a few months back.

    • Oh look how well gerrard and that are doing without Lampard, Frank is the weak link of course.

      Idiots, all you Frank slaggers being proved WRONG :-).