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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Apr 4, 2007 18:27 Flag

    Fergie doesn't know Totti?!!!

    Actually the fans were warned by the club not to go to places where that organized gang called Ultras frequented. We definitely don't think Romans are bad poeple. Beside i think Sir Alex does have respect for your team, as he's said we shouldn't underestimated you guys.

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    • Thank u! i think we are speaking about a non-problem, cause it was created by the press. I also think that all of the player have respect each other cause all are big players, Totti, De Rossi, Perrotta (World Champions) Ronaldo, Giggs, Scholes, Rooney etc are big champions, i think we only have to enjoy the match tonight : )

      Manchester United have a very old story about football and we respect that.

      p.s Totti is not like u see on TV, is a special boy, a good boy, so generous that years ago he buyed an instrumentation (200000 euros) for a children to save his life after listen a tv program and he did much more, this was not in the press cause nobody know that.

      DAJE ROMA!