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  • toutoune toutoune Apr 5, 2007 14:13 Flag

    yesterday's game

    On we all saw Scholes red card. We can blame him for that. But apart from that I thought our first half (even when he was in) was poor. We woke up in the second half when we were 1-0 down (and played better football), 2-1 is a fair eresult. we could have lost it 4-1 or even 5-1.

    The thing is we cannot blame the injured players or the one that played in their place, we cannot blame scholes (we played better without him! not that I do not want him in the squad, i am a huge scholes fan). We were simply not good enought yesterday.

    Let's hope SAF gets it right for next week. On what I saw of some genius moment of Ronaldo and our front line, we will sure score at least once.

    Come on the treble is still alive!

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