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    3 European Games That Shamed Our Country

    Footballing brilliant and fautless but yet againg for the 3rd time this season United fans have failed to control themselves in europe, shameful scenes again, lowering themselves to the level of the Italians, no excuses, this time innocent women and children injured and United to blame! Petulance springs to mind ands you should be ashamed of yourselves!! Just evening up the boards!!!

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    • a fulham fan?you mean one of those who invaded the pitch and caused uproar after a match?

    • No your not, you're a Francenal fan!

      You're as obvious as an Arsenal triangle pass! And like West Ham and Newcastle, and PSV etc etc, we all saw you coming!

    • No I'm a Fulham fan who is fed up to the back teeth with Northerners not behaving abroad. I hate seeing our country shamed in this way.

    • After the troubles in Rome, it was mismanagement that left the Roma fans within lobbing distance of united fans. Had they been shepherded into the game earlier, this would not have happened. The same thing would have kicked off at any english - and in particular - any Italian club (its just that the outcome of the scrap would have been fixed beforehand).

      After such a round pasting on the field, I thought Roma fans could have been a lot worse to contend with afterwards and it is a credit to the majority that behaved themselves. One wonders if Arsenal or Chelsea fans would have been as gracious in defeat? Yeah, right!

    • Hey John, long time, I know you're just trying to wind them up which is fine (just remember the guys on your board ARE actual retards and deserve it! - excluding yourself), but I don't think you are being entirely fair to us.

      Lille, come on we all know they messed up with the stadium ticket allocations, hence their punishments. United fans were supposed to bend over and take a beating for trying to avoid a potential crushing like Hillsborough? Come on mate...

      Roma, away - agreed 100 of our fans should have kept to themselves and let us down. Its as simple as that. But at least they didn't start it like those scumbag Itais from behind their perspex screens and why oh why were the police only on our side of these screens?

      Well they gave our fans a beating, and yes, as expected around 16 of our fans returned the favour....

      Lol, that's all, none of them were actually IN the stadium!!! Who's to say they weren't just some BNP thugs looks for a fight, just like those scousers who tried overturning the ambulance when Smith was in it with a broken leg? Again I don't condone it, but this isn't soft north london we are talking about, this is Manchester, the 2nd most dangerous place to live in in Britain behind Glasgow!

      There ARE a few nutters around mate...can't be helped!

      7-1.....I'm still in shock boys!!! Did I die and go to heaven??! Surely even you neutrals must have enjoyed seeing those smug ba*tards get a hiding eh John?

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      • Haha you gots me Chris! I thought you were brilliant last night to be fair and I geniunely think that Rooney goal should be one of the goals of the season even though it was a tap in in the end! Had to pick fault in something! This board was getting too nicey nicey!! Been ripping it out of the Italians on their board though!! Hillarious they just don't get it do they!!!!! Been away for a bit mate works been real busy and if I'm honest really fed up with Arsenal at the mo they just keep on dissappointing! Bet your loving that United hit the best form possible and Arsenal slump to new lows for me!!!

      • Treble---- At Italian stadiums on the terracing where the ultras ( laugh laugh ) gather if the local police and i use that term lightly actually go onto this section it is seen by these ultras as an act of war thus against Utd they kept in the Utd enclosure You know what italians think about war dont you?

      • bnp thugs? how you are living in the past,the bnp are now tories on steroids,more likely the bpp or the nf.

      • I think he's being very fair. If English clubs get thrown out of Europe then we know who to blame. Typical of the behaviour of Mancunians and Northerners in general I feel. They leave dingy places like Hyde, Burnage, Salford etc and when they go to a rich, cosmopolitan city like Rome they choose to try and recreate the shitty atmosphere of the crapholes they leave behind.

        Try respecting different nationalities and embracing cultures and these problems wouldn't occur. Absolute disgrace.

    • Yet again Ian I only read what I want to Harris comes along, read myu opening statement again baldy, footballing BRILLIANT and FAULTLESS, and possiby even my goal of the season the build up and cross for Rooney. My thread wasn't about the football though do you have selective reading or are you just a gimp??

    • Well John we were the innocent victims of fan violentce and shitty police treatment twice. We were just giving those Roma fuckers at taste of their own medicine last night!!!!

    • hahahahaha,sour grapes comes into mind.Not a word about the brilliant performances from both United and chelsea.Typical arse fan