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  • Stash Stash Apr 13, 2007 03:16 Flag

    Next Years 1st Team

    Have you been drinking? Foster is younger and better than kuzcak, bardsley is crap, park is really no more than a squad member and hargreaves doesn't even play for us

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    • Nope...Sober as some Judges..
      Matter of opinion, you are entitled to yours!
      Kuzak has more experience, Bardsley has always done well, Park is awsome, Hargreaves WILL be playing for us or don't you keep up with the news!

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      • Yes i do keep up with the news. I hope hargreaves does sign, but he's in the first year if a 4 year contract. It might take more money than we're willing to pay to get him so untill it's official don't count your chickens.

        I doubt very much that bardsley will be with us next season. Chances are he'll sign a permanent deal with villa.

        Park is a long way from awesome. True he has been playing well lately, but earlier in the season he was playing like he had his boots on the wrong feet.

        Foster has played the last 2 full seasons in goal for watford and is in the england squad so there's very little to choose between him and kuczac experience wise. In terms of quality foster looks better