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  • Wing Wing Apr 14, 2007 17:36 Flag

    Ronaldo or Beckham?

    News of Ronaldo extending his contract at Man Utd is definately good news to all of us fans as he is probably the most exciting midfielder that Man Utd ever had but it also got me thinking...

    Throughout the past decade or so, two amazing players have worn the number 7 shirt at Man Utd:

    Ronaldo which doesn't need any comment at the moment and ofcause, David Beckham.

    Many people have their opinions on Beckham but undoubtably, when he was playing at his prime, he was most arguably the world's best dead ball taker, passer, provider of goal assists. When he was on the pitch, the whole team seems to have opportunities to score from his precision passing and noone dared to foul Man Utd outside the opponents penalty box because if they did, Beckham would probably punish them most of the time.

    So I ask this question:

    Who would you select in your Man Utd team to wear the number 7 shirt if Ronaldo and Beckham (during his prime) were in the team now?

    It's a tough choice because both players offer so different things on the pitch. Ronaldo with the pace and the movement and the individual skill whilst Beckham provides precision and excellent dead ball skills. For me, I would think... maaaaaaaybe Beckham just edges it by a whisker ahead of Ronaldo because he brings the whole team into play with his passing and is more situated to the Man Utd style of play where everyone plays as a unit and less emphasis on individual glory as is sometimes the downpoint with Ronaldo's play.

    What do you guys think?

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