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  • David Phong David Phong Apr 15, 2007 12:53 Flag

    Ronaldo or Beckham?

    if you say better player then no doubt it has to be Ronaldo. But when you ask who would you want to be on the team then i say Beckham, He loves the team, i bet half the world wouldn't even know what club Man Utd were until they heard Beckham. And Beckham does love United more, the guy has red blood running man, still thinking of United even he's about to move to the States ( better for chemistry if he's in United.). And he gave United so much merchandise money when he was here lol.

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    • For the record t-phong utd were a famous club before Beckham joined and they are still a famous club now he`s gone. No player - not Best, not Cantona, not Charlton and certainly mot Beckham - is bigger than the club. Biggest mistake Beckham made - joining real madrid. He left a stable environment to join the circus that surrounds the spanish club and his career suffered. He should have joined barcelona, but then again if he hadn`t they wouldn`t have signed Ronaldinho, he would have joined utd and utd may not have signed Ronaldo.