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    FA Stiff Fans For Cup Final Tickets

    Read this on the BBC website. Talk about rip-off.

    The Football Association believes it has set prices at a "sensible" level for the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea on 19 May.
    The event returns to Wembley after the stadium was rebuilt and tickets will be £35, £60, £80 and £95, with a limited number at £17.50 for under-16s.

    "It was important to set ticket prices at a sensible and affordable level," said FA chief executive Brian Barwick, whose voice was slightly muffled from the fact that his head was stuck up his arse!

    "We believe these are very competitive for what will be a historic match, and we can't afford to miss the oppurtunity to try and recoup some of the ridiculous development cost by fleecing those loyal Manchester United fans!!!"

    What a f**king blatant scam - these morons are in charge of the our beautiful game.

    Shame on the FA! Lets hope United make some kind of protest.

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    • and lets not forget the FA are in debt to a tune of 10's of millions pounds

    • why dont all you fans just do the ussual'watch it on tv gig'.most of you havent a clue where smould trafford is anyway!!

    • They are aptly named that is what they know SWEET F A about fans welfare .Wembley the national stadium was a slum for decades and at the slightest opportunity they will have your pants down .They only man who seemed more in touch was Crozier what happened to him? The peoples stadium dont make me laugh but then again did we expect anthing else

    • As a villa fan but overwhelmingly a footie fan,what do Man U fans think of the time a few years back when your club ditched the FA Cup to play the World Club Championship? It's an issue i have often pondered about.For me it was shamefull and i have always thought you supporters would feel the same, but i'v never asked till now.

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      • Ok - lets set you straight on this one. United were invited to participate in the innagrual official FIFA World Club Championships.

        Under pressure for the FA and UEFA to participate the decision was made not to take part in the FA Cup.

        It was always going to be a lose-lose situation for United whatever we did.

        Did the club make the right decision - who knows but at least they made a decision. Unlike the FA who could have given United a bye into the 3rd round but didn't have the balls to do that.

        So the club made its own decision, and as a true supported i stand by any decision the club makes.

        Does that answer your rather ill informed question?