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  • thesimple_simon thesimple_simon Apr 21, 2007 00:52 Flag

    Real Madrid up themselves!

    I also love the fact that Benitez said he turned them down(he`s not stupid,the way they go through managers)And Real Madrid says they never offered it to him.All this is making them look really stupid.I think people have realised what they are like now and they have lost there draw.Full of egos and only one manger for a whole season in the last few years.

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    • It's a shame really, I would love to see Real Madrid re-build with a commited management team and a group of players wanting to win, not just get paid. However due to their system I don't see anyone getting the longevity to work through a rebuilding process. It's just one quick fix after another.
      Just the same no sane manager would want to go there knowing they will likely not last a year, I would think players be a little put off by the instability of new manangers and new styles being demanded of them with each coming coach.
      Right now I look at Real like the leagues in Quatar and Kuwait - a hell of a good payday to retire on, but don't expect to win anything...