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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Apr 29, 2007 22:29 Flag

    4 - 2........

    Yup, what a game!! When we went 2-0 down, i thought 'Oh damnit, we're finished!', but thank God we roaed back to win the game!!!!!!! That's the true mark of champions. I'm really proud of Fergie and Co for their immense tenacity and fighting spirit. And thanks Phil Nev for helping us-it mgith have hurt to score an own goal, but i guess he wants us to win the title. Also wnna say thanks to Bolton for preventing those cheating blue scumbags from winning!! Heard Fergie wants to give Big Sam a hug and nopt one, but two kisses; hopefully it doesn't end up getting plashed all over the papers.