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  • jim w jim w Apr 30, 2007 15:51 Flag

    Mourinho again

    This morning he is reported as saying some very insulting and personal statements about Ronaldo. Now some apologists will argue he is just trying to wind him up or protect his own image in Portugal. But this cretin is just being insulting, plain and simple. I sincerely hope Chelsea sack him at the end of the season.

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    • It's on sky, he's going on about a "difficult childhood" and "no education".
      If my son gets called a liar he's programmed to defend himself. This guys Dad died last year, who the hell is this toad to criticise his childhood.

      It's a shame the spineless git hasnt the guts to do this in English, then we can all judge the sentiments of his comments.

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      • Who the hell is Maureen to say things like "lacks maturity and respect..." Obviously Jose can't be that well educated either because he CLEARLY doesn't know the meaning of the word "Hypocrite" He has the cheek to talk about saying things with respect and maturity when this cretin called Arsene Wenger (a fellow manager and on older person) a "voyeur". I have to say I have always said that Maureen was great entertainment and shouldn't leave the Premiership but if he is going to behave like a petulent little s**t then he can f**k off back to the continent. I wouldn't mind seeing him get the sack and now I'm not suprised at why Abramovich wants to get rid of him. Success or no success, Maureen lacks class.

    • Guess what,Ronaldo's background,difficult childhood, no education,but his month salary is much much higher than Mourinho.

    • ewww thats way over the line
      that fuck tard moroninho

      even me a chelsea supporter got to admit that his comment this time is really terrible

      lack of education ? difficult childhood ? why bring these into football

      hope Mr Roman kick his ass out of chelsea at the end of the season

      even if we do win the CL FA cup and EPL by beating you reds

      his comment today made me sick ....

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      • Doesn`t Mourinho realise that most people would praise Ronaldo for the way he has coped with his difficult childhood. Where we come from and what sort of education we have had isn`t what matters, its what we make of our lives that speaks volumes about the type of person we are. And Ronaldo for all his poor education and difficult childhood is turing out to be a far better person than the more privileged Mourinho.

    • who the fuk did mourinho think he is ???!!!!

      even if he is the special one he MUST not make such idiotic statement !

      there is no place for such comment here !

      Stop embarassing chelsea please !

    • Well I don't see why you should "hate" Abramovich but I can see why you hate Kenyon and Mourinho.

    • You're right,all he wants to do is to directly put the pressure and attention to the players,try to distract everyone from his failure.Why would he talk about his team,how he manage the club,what is the further news of his club,what is the philosophy or opinion for him in football.We never heard that.
      But the fact was,HE NEVER PROPERLY TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL since he joinning Chelsea.The fans need to know the opinion of the Chelsea players but we never heard any opinion by John Terry of lampard.The Chelsea player are so quiet and never show too much attention or opinion in Chelsea.
      Terry and lampard talk so much in England team,but they become so quiet when they get back to Chelsea.I felt I never know them before.
      People want to know the truth,but Jose kept talking something away of football,he never wants to answer your question.I don't see the integrity of this guy.Thought his smart but never show ant intelect in talking and acting.Does him an idiot?Does the money makes him looks good?What ever his conspiracy are,I never saw the wisdom of him.

    • yes jim,i saw that too.I think he's a disgrace

    • He's reached a new low and turned into a disgusting human being who has no respect for other individuals. The latest comments really show his true colors. He's a disgrace to the football fraternity - I don't care if he is a good manager or not, these cheap shots are sick.

      Go United!

    • He just went off about the referee being Spanish in the Liverpool vs Chelsea game tomorrow...

      And he also raised some concerns over the appointment of Spanish referee, Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez, to control the second-leg at Anfield, the same official who took charge of Liverpool's Champions League final in Istanbul two seasons ago when they won the trophy for the fifth time.

      But he seemed more concerned with the absence of Carvalho with an ankle problem, the arrival of Crouch and a Liverpool long-ball game.

      Benitez had already seen that one coming and earlier had dismissed any complaints of Spanish favouritism, but Mourinho carefully highlighted the issue, saying: "The referee is Spanish, and a top referee. I prefer a top Spanish referee than a bad referee from another nationality.

      "But I can imagine if he was Portuguese what everyone would say about it.

      "But I say nothing, just that Mr Gonzalez is one of the best referees in Europe and I want to believe he comes here to do a professional job, a job without heart, a job as a professional. He is a top referee, nothing else, I believe that."

      He doesn't so much say he thinks he will be partial, more so just insinuates it. Not very classy again.