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  • MC a greed well done liverpool

    AR well this time tomoz night we will know.
    a case of the real reds V the reds

    it had better be us red devils

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    • Pjarvis1981 we dont play Milan in Greece. FFS

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      • Last night my wife asked who I wanted to win. I really couldn't decide. The thought of Liverpool, miles behind in the Premiership, winning another Champions League is too much to bear, an unfair. There ought to be a rule that says to qualify for the CL you need to be in the top 4 AND have actually WON the Premiership in the last 5 years.

        In the end the Wenger comment about a CL failure hangover affecting the league games swung it. Also I think if we get past Milan Liverpool will be slightly easier to beat than Chelsea. Chelsea have been more desperate to win the CL than we have so I don't think it will affect us if we lose to Milan.

        After the match I thought it was a good result for us. 2 hours of (boring) football and Chelsea have nothing to show for except aches, pains and depression. They've got a job on their hands raising themselves for the Arsenal match. We could win the league this weekend and then rest for the FA Cup and, hopefully, CL final.