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    Defensive Injuries and Poor Tactics Cost Us

    Milan were good, the way they controlled the game for long periods was a fantastic example of how to play the game but...

    We have gifted them 4 goals from a defensive shambles. Rio and Vidic both paired together with our captain on the right and we are solid, I don't believe we would have gifted them so many chances.

    Too many poor individual performances tonight...Carrick, Giggs and Ronaldo were rubbish, simple as that. Ref didn't help us, 3 minutes injury time...was that some sort of sick joke??! I didn't find it funny.

    But the big one for me was our tactics. Some of it was school boy stuff on our part. They attacked our left with Seedorf and Kaka, just like they did last time! Kaka's movement is superb, but we gave him so much space all game it was embarrassing. He was having a laugh. Why didn't Ronaldo (who was tag teamed all game) rotate more like they do usually? Where was Rooneys support? We needed goals and played with one striker for 75 minutes! What the f***?!

    Very disappointed with Fergie. Ancelotti was a tactical genius over the two legs. Credit where its due.

    Roll on City...will they be too tired and desolate or will they respond like usual and wrap up this title?!

    As much as those itais p*ssed me off tonight with their theatrics, I still hope they deprive Liverpool of a 6th 'big ears'. Lets go get this double now.

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    • Funny you say that. During the game I turned to my mates and said I wish Keane was there. It was the sort of game where he would have made a huge difference. He would have stamped all over that rat Gattuso and given everyone a swift kick up the behind. Scholes tried to drive everyone on but him and Rooney were isolated, surrounded by tired men with heads down. It was painful to watch!

    • Yes Rooon , I agree with your analysis. I also suspect Ronaldo is still carrying an injury which is why he didn't play on the right at any time, Vidic is not 'match fit'. It doesn't matter how good a player is, if they are not 100% in big matches they shouldn't be played. Heinze was dreadful and Fletcher after a great first leg was culpable in both the first 2 goals by letting Seedorf get away from him in and around the area, he also missed our best shooting opportunity.
      Fergies great in the EPL, but regularly makes the wrong choices in europe, and doesn't change things quick enough when its going wrong. Milan's defence looked unbeatable last night, but against Crouch ( or Drogba) they will struggle as they don't play the 'long ball' at all well. I was surprised Smith wasn't played as he has shown that his 'rough house' play distracts and annoys continental defenses.
      If we can recover and get at least a point off City we should still win the league, but Chelsea have 2 more days to recover and I bet they see a glimmer of hope now. At the start of the season we would all have been delighted at the EPL title and an FA cup final. To get to the CL semi's was a bit of an unexpected success , but unfortunately the manner of our defeat shows that there is still a long way to go before this team can regularly beat the best in europe. In particular midfield is still a problem at this level, we need 2 players who can hold and pass the ball under pressure.

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      • I think Scholes and Carrick are actually two fantastic passers with ability tio hold the ball aswell as anyone jim, its just Carrick struggled last night. Hargreaves would add that bite in the middle that we lacked, and for me this is the most important thing we miss. We need a leader. Neville is great but right-back is hardly the best position for someone vocal. A Keane-type last night would have gone some way to solving our problems.

        One things for sure, the two teams in the final have benefited enormously from having no title challenge to distract and tire them. I think that makes it all a farce to be honest. Proud of the boys for having a go on all three fronts.

      • Vidic wasn´t match fit but SAf was clutching at straws. Who else is there? We would have had to use Fletcher at left back or something.

    • Man U is good to beat domestic teams only.

      Rooney scored a few goals lately & manure fans think he is the best. Well back to earth now just as he had let us down in the world cup.

    • Unfortunately our away form in europe has been poor for some time and we eventually paid the price-although Milan were very good,particularly in the first-half. I did not think we had the capability to go on and win the treble again but the present squad and SAF have surpassed themselves to reach this stage with the most entertaining football in England. I hope that the injuries in defence,particularly to Gary Neville, will not cost us the league title which we thoroughly deserve. Chelsea will only stop us winning the FA cup by holding on for penalties as Arsenal did a few years ago.

    • Oh bugger!.
      Easily the worst performance of the season from just about everyone bar VDS. Obviously we have to avoid losing to Citeh now or it's going to be seriously bad. Thak god for last weekend's divine intervention.

      To the scousers who have now appeared. There isnt one of you who 3 days ago wouldn't swap your right leg for our team.
      I am still wondering how Crespo's goal, that was number 4 in Istanbul, was disallowed. Obviously making some of the mistakes that we have made over 2 matches doesnt help, but it's difficult to see how a team that havent had a prayer of winning the league for nigh on 20 years are going to be able to stand up to Milan. We had some comedian on here yesterday reckoning that you are just behind us in ability. Have a look at the league table.

    • no it wasnt the overhead kick,it was when rooney was clearly shoved off the ball by oddo.Still it wasnt given so no complaints

    • the overhead kick?? I saw that -- and it was not a penalty -- if that was ever given against you, you would be furious!!

    • Defensive Injuries and Poor Tactics Cost Us

      no it didnt but being shit did

    • Defensive Injuries and Poor Tactics Cost Us

      no it didnt but being shit did

    • No no no no no no ... it wasn't the injuries , nor the poor tactics, just that you are not good enough to beat MILAN . simple as that.

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