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  • Robert M Robert M May 12, 2007 03:53 Flag

    Better than I Expected

    Well, first, your numbers don't add up. And your "if you had a few less scorers we'd have double your lot" is not quite so impressive when you realise your list misses out Essien scoring two against Arsenal (which is more than all your team managed) and Geremi scoring a cracker of a free kick.

    Second, this is reminiscent of the scousers. They say We're a Big Club, We Have History, as if this means anything. You say We're Special, We Do It In Style. It's just meaningless arbitrary value judgements.

    And you lot who keep going on about how embarrassing it is to win the League Cup. For heavens sake. Yes, it's all we won this year, so far. It would be nice to win more. Bit if I remember correctly, one League Cup was all you won in the previous three years, wasn't it? Your sneering doesn't seem quite so appropriate in that light.