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  • Tim Tim May 10, 2007 06:14 Flag

    Eagles MOTM

    Thought Dong's passing was good, certainly better than the passing e've seen recently from Rooney and Carrick for example. I just can't see him getting many games, and that's a shame for him and the other players who looked like they had a lot to offer tonight.

    I'd like to see Richardson packing his bags in the summer with Eagles taking his role, and hopefully expanding on it. Richardson's had his chance, in my opinion.

    Funny thing about tonight, we started with a line-up containing six (I believe) home grown players and with a total cost of around £18M. Chelsea's starting line-up had one home-grown player (Terry) and a total cost of around £110M. I think we've done quite well, and I'd love to see some of these new lads make more inroads into the team in the future.

    By the way, anyone know where Kieron Lee grew up, I've read he went to West Hill high school in Stalybridge, and I'm a Dukinfield lad myself and I remember playing for my school team against West Hill.