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  • Thankyou jim for finally a rational post, unlike the utter sh*te I have had to contend with throughout this thread. Its barely worth replying too half the time.

    Dong wasn't only up against Terry, he was alone with Essien partnering Terry!!! thats two WORLD class players and he had absolutely NO service. I don't think Dong played well but he held the ball up quite well a few times and showed glimpses of someone who is not afraid of anyone. I've seen him score countless goals in Belgium, which is quite a physical league, so I think he will be fine in the premiership once he gets a run. Once again I will be around to see a bunch of these fickle glory hunters proved wrong.

    Eagles was brilliant. Some people said he played well against Everton (after 4 mins) and yet are more reserved after he was the best player on the pitch against an expensive chelski team. Makes me laugh reading half this crap on here.